Audio Review 34 // Judge Dredd - Crime Chronicle - Blood Will Tell

Following on from last week's listen (Link), comes another Judge Dredd one-hour audio drama. This one titled Blood Will Tell. Here is the official Big Finish write up:

When a frenzied mutant attack on Mega-City One's shield wall is revealed to be the cover for a group of infiltrators, Judge Dredd must face a deadly opponent from his past - Garris Hale, a man whose life he destroyed.

Back from exile in the radioactive wilderness of the Cursed Earth, Hale has possession of a dark secret - a secret so explosive that it could plunge the entire city into anarchy and chaos!

With his judgment in question and the future of his city in the balance, Dredd must face a lethal enemy intent on revenge at any cost! 

Just like the last Audio Drama, the story is played out by two actors. Toby Longworth (of course playing Dredd) and Paul Davin-Gough as Ex-Judge Hale. I was surprised to see this tale was written by James Swallow, yep yesterdays Garro story author. This was a great surprise for me and I due I would be in for a treat.

The story is portrayed as an after-action report to the SJS. With them, forcing Judge Dredd to talk about his hunt for the Ex-Judge Garris Hale. Garris Hale was destined to be an amazing Judge, similar in level to Judge Giant, but unfortunately, he turned out to have mutant strain within him and was forced into the exiled lifestyle of the Cursed Earth. Here he rose in strength and gathered about him a group of strong mutants who all have a grudge against MC-1.

Overall this is a multi-level story, featuring a Ruling body coverup, a mystery as to why Hale is back and how Judge Dredd fits into all it, all alongside an attempt to right a wrong. It would also seem Judge Dredd has some guilt at sending the Ex-Judge to the Cursed Earth and this clearly affected his judgment, which must have lead to the involvement of the SJS.

Overall a great listen as walked to and from work.

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