Audio Review 33 // Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Stranger than Truth

Feels like forever since I reviewed a Judge story. These Big Finish audio dramas were so good and it is sad they are almost impossible to find now or you find them at silly prices. But when I do go across a well-priced version be sure to know I will pick it up. Today's title is Stranger than Truth, here is the write-up.

Captured and imprisoned by Judge Dredd, author Truman Kaput has spent years in the Mega-City One iso-cubes, his work banned. His crime: writing lurid detective novels in which the fictitious Slick Dickens repeatedly outwits the cowardly bully Judge Dredd. Now a New Truman Kaput novel is being serialized, and each chapter predicts an imminent murder with chilling accuracy.

Has Slick Dickens escaped the page to commit real crimes in Mega-City One? Is a serial killer using the chapters as templates for their crime? Where does fiction end and the truth start? Can Dredd stop the plot before his nemesis fulfills the finale of Slick Dickens: I Killed Judge Dredd?

Run time: 1 hr 11 minutes.
Author: David Bishop
Actors: Toby Longworth and Helen Kay.

As mentioned before I am a fan of the Big Finish series so was excited to see what was different with a Crime Chronicles format. From what I can tell the main difference is there are only actors, with a lot of narration building up the world around them.

The story revisits a character I have always found comical- Slick Dickens, the only (fictional) man to ever kill Judge Dredd in the comics. So when Eliza Blunt of Brit Cit, comes in search of a story about the arrested author Truman Kaput, it doesn't take long for Judge Dredd to appear. Rumor has it that a new Slick Dicken's novel is in the works. But when the fictional character suddenly comes to life, all hell breaks loose as murders start happening and the only lead is Eliza Blunt. Is the smooth killer actually loose in the city, has Truman Kaput somehow escaped and hired a killer or is there some darker truth behind the stories?

Well worth an hour of listening time, I would recommend having some previous knowledge of the characters before partaking. But if a fan of Judge Dredd you should definitely try to find and listen to it. The voice acting was on point and the sound effects absorbed me in, really great work.

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