Audio Review 32 // The Binary Succession by David Annandale

I've been enjoying these Horus Heresy audio dramas, but I feel I need to take a little break (to avoid burnout), so after this one, I will be diving into some Xenomorph dramas. Before this happens let us dive into The Binary Succession.

Even as the Imperium faces the renegade Legions of the Warmaster, the ruling Council of Terra is becoming paralyzed from within by increasingly petty bureaucracy. Fabricator General Kane has seen his fellow Mechanicum adepts dismissed again and again by the High Lords – with his traitorous predecessor Kelbor-Hal still at large on the Red Planet, the political status of the tech-priesthood remains ambiguous. New alliances must be forged from the old if Mars and Terra are to survive the final battle.

Set after the fall of Mars, we finally get to catch up with the Cult of Machine members that remained loyal to Terra. Displaced from their homes, the Mechanicus are viewed as little more than refugees and burdens. But in this mess, the newly chosen Ambassador for Mars will risk everything to create one of the most powerful bodies in the New Imperium: The Adeptus Mechanicus. Within this tale, we have High Lords of Terra, Malcador, Titans, and very nearly a civil war. All perfectly voiced and portrayed.

An ultimately well-written piece that was performed well. Did it move the Horus Heresy series along? Nope. It was a great political piece and intriguing in the fact that its lack of action made it into a strong story. I not actually sure when this piece appears in the series, but based on the cover artwork it must be later on. I look forward to finding out when.

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