Aeldari Craftworld Locations

Welcome, no miniatures this week as I wanted a little break. This time I will be continuing my work on tidying up the Eldar Encyclopedia page. A fun little page this week as I delve into the locations found on Eldar Craftworlds.

Most of these locations have come from Black Library novels and are not a full or complete list. If you know of locations I have missed let me know in the comments and I will add them on.

Craftworld Locations

"There is still time to change the course of history" - Autarch Talyesin Fharenal, Craftworld Saim-Hann

Locations on Alaitoc

Avenue of Starlight Secrets: Kilometer-long balcony located on the starward side and food bars.

Bay of Departing Sorrows: Viewing deck of the Shipyard

Boulevard of Split Moons: Fashion and Jewelry shops.

Crescent of the Dawning Ages: Park

Dome of Enchanting Echoes: Performance hall for Singers.

Dome of the Last Sunrise: Place of Celebrations.

Dome of the Midnight Forests: Blue Grass, Groves of Lianderin trees.

Dome of New Suns: Place of Quiet thought.

Dome of the Rising Hope: Artificial Sun, Lilac beaches.

Dome of Sighing Whispers: Home to the Fallen

Gardens of Tranquil Reflections: Rose colour water and white sands.

Hall of Truth: Public speaking hall

Hidden Chamber: Located in the heart of the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit, allowing Farseers some solitude.

Ixia Wayport: A transit and transportation hub for the Craftworld.

Place of Answering: A place to voice concerns on the ruling council's decisions.

Plaza of Reflection: Open city area.

The Dome of Midnight Twilight: Home to artwork depicting Chaos.

The Midnight Dome: Darkness and a place for lovers.

Shrine of the Deadly Shadow: Striking Scorpions temple dark swamplands, trees inside with a Pyramid.

Shrine of the Ending Veil: Dark Reapers Temple.

Shuttle Vault: Cross hub transport monorail.

Tower of the Dormant Witnesses: Poet Commune.

Tower of the Eternal Welcomes: Docking Bay, encased in a bluish shield that keeps the vacuum at bay.

Tower of the Evening Melodies: Music Venue

Tower of Infinite Patience: Hotel.

Tower of Starlight Majesty: Building with stunning views

The Vale of Khaine: The district of the Aspect temples.

Locations of Biel-Tann

Avenue of Lost Glories Remembered to be Recaptured: Arcade of statues.

Remembered Supremacy to be Regained: Main Webway portal.

Tower of Bloodied Knives: Biel tan docks

Locations of Iyanden

Aldanari Dome: Living quarters

Avenue of Guarded Love: Romantic Retreat

Bridge of Endless Night: Docks

Chamber of Starlight: Iyanden Farseer Meditation space.

Chambers of Resurrection: Spiritseers chamber to guide spirits to Wraiths.

Dome of Accentuated Night: Iyanden dome full of ruins and the house of Arienal

Endless Forest: One of the seven great domes on Iyanden, harboring an ecosystem collected from a thousand worlds.

Eternity Gate: Dock.

Fire of Creation: Home to a Flame created by Asuryan during the times of Legend.

Forest of Silence: A giant forest that acts as lungs on the Craftworld.

Fortress of the Red Moon: Fortress, location of the Swarmlord's defeat by Yriel.

Fortress of Tears: Fortress and Shrine to the lost.

Fortuitous Endings: Docks.

Hidden Gorge: A deep gorge that cuts to the wraithbone core of Iyanden. Found in the Haladesh desert. Those on the path of Solitude live near the waterfalls located within the gorge.

Long Swift Voyages: Docks.

Long Wandering: Docks.

Mistmaze: Ghosthalls of Haladesh.

Oceans of Ceaseless Tranquility: Once beautiful oceans, now boiled away to nothing following the Tyranid invasion.

Oasis of Tears: Bar.

Plaza of the Red's Moon New Birthing: Located in front of the Red Moon Fortress.

Tree of the Crone: A tree that aids the Iyanden Seers to search the future.

Shrine of Asuryan: Shrine to the God Asuryan.

Shrine of Ulthanash: Iyanden home of Yriel's Cursed blade.

Spider's Gate: Main Webway gate of Iyanden.

Urhaithanalish: Capital City of House Haladesh.

Wayport Vaidh: Webway Port.

Locations on Saim-Hann

Dome of Swift Longings:

The Fireglades: Home of clan Fireheart. Full of orange and red trees, with a coastal delta.

Lake of tranquil sorrows: Within the Fire Glades.

The Falls of the Unshed Tears: A waterfall on Saim-Hann.

Shadow Vale: Oldest dome of the Craftworld and home to the Oracle's of the last truth. The Oracle's are Cathasarren, Alodrist, and Yddgara. Farseers crystalized attempting to repair a damaged infinity circuit. Now the dead can talk through them.

Sighing Winds: Saim-Hann dome chamber of seers.

Tower of Winding Destiny: Saim-Hann location.

Locations on Ulthwe

Bridge of Sighing Clouds: Docks

Chamber of all Futures: Ulthwe seer chamber

Dome of Crystal Seer: The Dome of Crystal Seers is a location within a Craftworld's wraithbone core, existing as a broad bio-dome littered with groves of tall wraithbone trees that reach out into space. It is here that the most ancient Farseers of the Eldar retreat. As Farseers reach greater and greater ages, their minds become so closely linked with the Craftworld's core that their physical bodies simply grow dormant. Within the Dome, the eldest of seers gradually crystallize and take root, until they turn entirely to crystal. The Farseer's spirit is then preserved forever within the psycho-conductive Infinity Circuit. In the wraithbone trees sprouting from the core, tiny Warp Spiders are seen. They can melt their arachnoid forms to move through the Infinity Circuit to protect the Dome and the entire Craftworld from invasive psychic entities.

Port of Last Starlight: Dock

Other Locations

Maze of Linnian: A mystical location and is part of the Ulthanesh Mythos.

Hope you enjoyed and as I discover more locations I will add them to the list.

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