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This is to become the forever home for my Aeldari force. As ideas form, they will be added here as a reminder of what I want to achieve. As these projects then become completed a link will appear going to the blog update. I hugely recommend checking back to these to see how I am progressing.

This is a pure adventure into my own mind and hobby. Enjoy, comment, show love. Thanks for stopping by. This is 80% my lore or my version of the lore in no way is this official or endorsed by GW.

House Ulthanash

High Ranked Household Members

Non - House Persona
  • Avatar (Part 1)
  • Pheonix Lords
    • Asurmen, "The Hand of Asuryan," Phoenix Lord of the Dire Avengers
    • Baharroth, "The Cry of the Wind," Phoenix Lord of the Swooping Hawks
    • Drastanta, "The Tempest of Starlight," Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears
    • Fuegan, "The Burning Lance," Phoenix Lord of the Fire Dragons
    • Irillyth, "The Shade of Twilight," Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres
    • Karandras, "The Shadow Hunter," Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions
    • Maugan Ra, "The Harvester of Souls," Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers
    • Jain Zar, "The Storm of Silence," Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees
House Persona

  • Eldire Dathelith: Mysterious aid to Silar.
  • Hastur Dathelith: Farseer hailing from House Ulthanash.
  • Ukallior:
  • Teuthis:
  • Kelithia: Iyanden Farseer, very old.Warlocks
  • Lothgolirel: Scarred by an Ultramarines Chainsword.
  • Yriel: Autarch and High Admiral of Iyanden. Also High Admiral of the Eldritch Raiders.
  • Silar Dathelith: Autarch/Corsair Prince.
  • Jethlesar: Jetbike, Laser Lance.
  • 'Umr At-Tawail Dathelith: Autarch Fusion Pistol.
  • Gelthelion the WaveShaper - Webway Portal Opener
  • Isha's Maids - Similar to a warlock just not military.
Household Militia

Guardian Defender Squads

Storm Guardians
  • Kalibax's Wrath
  • Slicing Sabres
  • Irilith Rangers - Lead by Irilith Dathelith - she who has trod the path to the eye.
Halls of the Dead

Wraithblades - Unit

  • Soulseeker - Piloted by Aethon Sunstrider and his deceased brother Ashodh. Armed with a sword. Guardian of the House of Ulthanash.
  • Oriosamure - Stars Death. Piloted by the twin sisters, Madera Dathelith and the deceased Isentara Dathelith.
  • Uskariel-Iskarion - Wraithcannons

  • Silent Scream - Piloted by Neidaria
  • Sound of Sunlight - Piloted by Ariadien
Phantom Titan
  • Curse of Yriel - Piloted by triplets of Lariani.
House Navy/Air Support


Void Craft

Anino: Shadowhunter

Baricos - Voidstalker Class
  • Bethan Gul Dathelith: Captain
  • Shebyl Dathelith: Navigator
  • Amaleth Dathelith: 2nd Officer
  • Lhunara Ithil Dathelith: First Mate
  • Getheric Dathelith: Weapons Master
  • Ybrann Dathelith: Shields Master
  • Doloroana Startreader Dathelith: Security Master
  • Vorhan Dathelith: Household Dathelith Dockmaster
Helwyr: Wraithship

Terava: Dragonship


Falcons/Fire Prisms/Doom Weavers/Wave Serpents
  • Edruth Enfaolchu: Falcon

Aspect Shrines loyal to House Ultanash

Crimson Hunter
  • Ascendant Strike Shrine.
Dark Reapers
Dire Avengers
Fire Dragons
  • Blazing Fang Shrine - lead by Quaillindral
  • Fire's Heart - A once believed extinct shrine. Exarch was the Wraithlord reborn Althenian. Now the Shrine is made renewed with a monolithic black stone temple at its centre. Deep Orange, red-crested warriors. Exarchs always use Firepikes.
Howling Banshees
  • Shrieking Blade ShrineShining Spears
  • Shrine of the Swift Kill
Striking Scorpions
  • Stinging Shade Shrine
Swooping Hawks
  • Shrine of the Simmering Horizon.
Warp Spiders
  • Slicing Skien
  • Shadow Weave - Lead by Exarch Uoht, believed to be part of the Dathelith Family

Eldritch Raiders
  • Kalaea - Pilot of a venom.
  • Yaleanar: Gaudily armoured Leader. With Lilac hair, intricate make-up, Yriel's Shadow (Bodyguard). House of Ulthanash. Deceased.
  • Lumino: Corsair Prince (Eldritch Raider) Deceased.
  • Herethiath: Yriel's Aid.The Voidlark
Members of House Dathelith that have become Corsairs. Secret base of Ynnari influence operating from their home base of Pyre. Located in the Galatic South East. Covered in jungles and swampland this realm was once home to Exodites and once again will be with the survivors of the Ybaric Cluster Exiles.
  • Corsair Prince Farasis
  • Arleth Vann Dathelith
  • Vanhir Dathelith
  • Dolthaic Dathelith
  • Aricar Dathelith
  • Hauclir Dathelith
Void Craft
  • Bloodied Knife - Aconite
  • Dragon's Claw - Aurora
  • The Harrier - VoidLarks Prince Farasis Cruiser.
  • Black Razor - Hellebore
  • Solami - Hellebore
  • Nuolta - Hellebore
  • Seadragon - Hemlock
  • Aaveen - Hemlock
Other Craftworlds/Aeldari Factions

Craftworld Idharae
Destroyed by the Legion of the Damned. Now a small fraction survives on Iyanden.
  • Taolis Eversong: High Farseer of Idharae.Ybaric Cluster Exile

The Ybaric Cluster
Destroyed by Hive Fleet Naga. Some exiles survived now and were given land on Pyre by the Dathelith Household. Though they share those grounds with the Voidlarks.
  • Ahashra Rhiel: Exodite Knight
Masque of the Veiled Path
Manipulators of Yriel's fate and also strangely closely linked to House Dathelith
  • Sylandri Veilwalker: A mysterious Harlequin ShadowseerWraithkind Kabal
Kabal of the Bloody Dawn
Allies of the Voidlarks - Some believe there is shared blood with the Dathelith Household.

The Hex
Interested in Iyandens Necromancy. - Prophets of Flesh Obsession.
  • Xethretic the White: Haemonculus of the Hex.
Cult of the Flayed Hand


Aeldari Dictionary: Dictionary



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