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This is to become the forever home for my Aeldari force. As ideas form, they will be added here as a reminder of what I want to achieve. As these projects then become completed a link will appear going to the blog update. I hugely recommend checking back to these to see how I am progressing.

This is a pure adventure into my own mind and hobby. Enjoy, comment, show love. Thanks for stopping by. This is 80% my lore or my version of the lore in no way is this official or endorsed by GW.

House Ulthanash

High Ranked Household Members

Non - House Persona
  • Avatar (Part 1)
  • Pheonix Lords
    • Asurmen, "The Hand of Asuryan," Phoenix Lord of the Dire Avengers
    • Baharroth, "The Cry of the Wind," Phoenix Lord of the Swooping Hawks
    • Drastanta, "The Tempest of Starlight," Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears
    • Fuegan, "The Burning Lance," Phoenix Lord of the Fire Dragons
    • Irillyth, "The Shade of Twilight," Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres
    • Karandras, "The Shadow Hunter," Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions
    • Maugan Ra, "The Harvester of Souls," Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers
    • Jain Zar, "The Storm of Silence," Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees
House Persona

  • Eldire Dathelith: Mysterious aid to Silar.
  • Hastur Dathelith: Farseer hailing from House Ulthanash.
  • Ukallior:
  • Teuthis:
  • Kelithia: Iyanden Farseer, very old.Warlocks
  • Lothgolirel: Scarred by an Ultramarines Chainsword.
  • Yriel: Autarch and High Admiral of Iyanden. Also High Admiral of the Eldritch Raiders.
  • Silar Dathelith: Autarch/Corsair Prince.
  • Jethlesar: Jetbike, Laser Lance.
  • 'Umr At-Tawail Dathelith: Autarch Fusion Pistol.
  • Gelthelion the WaveShaper - Webway Portal Opener
  • Isha's Maids - Similar to a warlock just not military.
Household Militia

Guardian Defender Squads

Storm Guardians
  • Kalibax's Wrath
  • Slicing Sabres
  • Irilith Rangers - Lead by Irilith Dathelith - she who has trod the path to the eye.
Halls of the Dead

Wraithblades - Unit

  • Soulseeker - Piloted by Aethon Sunstrider and his deceased brother Ashodh. Armed with a sword. Guardian of the House of Ulthanash.
  • Oriosamure - Stars Death. Piloted by the twin sisters, Madera Dathelith and the deceased Isentara Dathelith.
  • Uskariel-Iskarion - Wraithcannons

  • Silent Scream - Piloted by Neidaria
  • Sound of Sunlight - Piloted by Ariadien
Phantom Titan
  • Curse of Yriel - Piloted by triplets of Lariani.
House Navy/Air Support


Void Craft

Anino: Shadowhunter

Baricos - Voidstalker Class
  • Bethan Gul Dathelith: Captain
  • Shebyl Dathelith: Navigator
  • Amaleth Dathelith: 2nd Officer
  • Lhunara Ithil Dathelith: First Mate
  • Getheric Dathelith: Weapons Master
  • Ybrann Dathelith: Shields Master
  • Doloroana Startreader Dathelith: Security Master
  • Vorhan Dathelith: Household Dathelith Dockmaster
Helwyr: Wraithship

Terava: Dragonship


Falcons/Fire Prisms/Doom Weavers/Wave Serpents
  • Edruth Enfaolchu: Falcon

Aspect Shrines loyal to House Ultanash

Crimson Hunter
  • Ascendant Strike Shrine.
Dark Reapers
Dire Avengers
Fire Dragons
  • Blazing Fang Shrine - lead by Quaillindral
  • Fire's Heart - A once believed extinct shrine. Exarch was the Wraithlord reborn Althenian. Now the Shrine is made renewed with a monolithic black stone temple at its centre. Deep Orange, red-crested warriors. Exarchs always use Firepikes.
Howling Banshees
  • Shrieking Blade ShrineShining Spears
  • Shrine of the Swift Kill
Striking Scorpions
  • Stinging Shade Shrine
Swooping Hawks
  • Shrine of the Simmering Horizon.
Warp Spiders
  • Slicing Skien
  • Shadow Weave - Lead by Exarch Uoht, believed to be part of the Dathelith Family

Eldritch Raiders
  • Kalaea - Pilot of a venom.
  • Yaleanar: Gaudily armoured Leader. With Lilac hair, intricate make-up, Yriel's Shadow (Bodyguard). House of Ulthanash. Deceased.
  • Lumino: Corsair Prince (Eldritch Raider) Deceased.
  • Herethiath: Yriel's Aid.The Voidlark
Members of House Dathelith that have become Corsairs. Secret base of Ynnari influence operating from their home base of Pyre. Located in the Galatic South East. Covered in jungles and swampland this realm was once home to Exodites and once again will be with the survivors of the Ybaric Cluster Exiles.
  • Corsair Prince Farasis
  • Arleth Vann Dathelith
  • Vanhir Dathelith
  • Dolthaic Dathelith
  • Aricar Dathelith
  • Hauclir Dathelith
Void Craft
  • Bloodied Knife - Aconite
  • Dragon's Claw - Aurora
  • The Harrier - VoidLarks Prince Farasis Cruiser.
  • Black Razor - Hellebore
  • Solami - Hellebore
  • Nuolta - Hellebore
  • Seadragon - Hemlock
  • Aaveen - Hemlock
Other Craftworlds/Aeldari Factions

Craftworld Idharae
Destroyed by the Legion of the Damned. Now a small fraction survives on Iyanden.
  • Taolis Eversong: High Farseer of Idharae.Ybaric Cluster Exile

The Ybaric Cluster
Destroyed by Hive Fleet Naga. Some exiles survived now and were given land on Pyre by the Dathelith Household. Though they share those grounds with the Voidlarks.
  • Ahashra Rhiel: Exodite Knight
Masque of the Veiled Path
Manipulators of Yriel's fate and also strangely closely linked to House Dathelith
  • Sylandri Veilwalker: A mysterious Harlequin ShadowseerWraithkind Kabal
Kabal of the Bloody Dawn
Allies of the Voidlarks - Some believe there is shared blood with the Dathelith Household.

The Hex
Interested in Iyandens Necromancy. - Prophets of Flesh Obsession.
  • Xethretic the White: Haemonculus of the Hex.
Cult of the Flayed Hand


Aeldari Dictionary: Dictionary



Audio Review 35 // Judge Dredd - Crime Chronicles: Double Zero

I'm really enjoying these short audio dramas by Big Finish. Two actors playing out a story, just make it so enjoyable and engaging. Here is the official write up:

Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Double Zero is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the character Judge Dredd in British comic 2000 AD. Unlike the main Judge Dredd audio dramas by Big Finish, the Crime Chronicles series acted more similarly to traditional audiobooks, with one actor/character narrating the story and summarizing most conversations, in this case, Louise Jameson playing Judge Cassandra Anderson recalling a recent adventure. Occasionally, a second actor interjects as another character, in this case, Toby Longworth voicing Judge Joe Dredd's dialogue. Ambient music and sound effects are also used in the production.

Notes: Set in 2132 and Judge Anderson is 52 years old.
Published: January 2010 by Big Finish Prod Ltd

As with most Judge Dredd fans, I am of course a Judge Anderson fan. Having read most of her solo comics. The story begins with Anderson forced to sleep normally rather than using the sleep machines, this leads to her having a "feeling" and with that she seeks out Judge Dredd. Soon we are sucked into the world of spies and foreign agents, all of who are seeking the pariah. Of course, Judge Dredd and Anderson find the objective first and are amazed to discover a child.

In the resulting chaos, the child releases a psychic attack, completely rendering Anderson a psychic blank. Now without powers, Anderson and Dredd have to seek out this child/weapon before one of the other Judge Cities and hopefully return her powers.

That is about as much as I can tell you without way too many spoilers. It showed off Anderson's strengths and weaknesses extremely well and was a great listen for about an hour. Now to seek out more audios, which annoyingly are like gold dust!

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Book Review 132 // Vulkan Lives (Horus Heresy 26) by Nick Kyme

Let's see... Nightlords...Check. Salamanders...Check. Word Bearers... Check. John Gramaticus...Check. Vulkan...Check.

Seems like this title has it all, can it live up to the hype?

Vulkan Lives by Nick Kyme

Horus Heresy #26

416 Pages

The latest title in Black Library's bestselling series, the Horus Heresy. In the wake of the Drop Site Massacre at Isstvan V, the survivors of the Salamanders Legion searched long and hard for their fallen Primarch, but to no avail. Little did they know that while Vulkan might have wished himself dead, he lives still. As the war continues without him, all eyes turn to Ultramar and Guilliman’s new empire there, and Vulkan’s sons are drawn into an insidious plot to end the Heresy by the most underhand means imaginable.

Right, let's get the awkwardness out the way first. This was a middle-of-the-road story, which could possibly have been written as two separate short stories. One with Vulkan and the Nightlords and then another with John Grammaticus and the Word Bearers. Instead, we get the two tales smashed together, causing them to be longer than needed, and a real feeling of not caring by the end.

It was nice to finally have the Salamander's Primarch enter the story, alongside the Night Lords Primarch Curze. But as mention their section of the book could have been a novella, which would have been much more enjoyable for me as a reader. The real highlight of the book though was John Grammaticus and his mission to recover a fabled spear. Searching for a relic which he believes will save Vulkan. Shortly after finding the spear, John stumbles into the sightlines of a Word Bearer Kill team who seem to be hunting for him. As all seems lost he is rescued by Istvaan Survivors and soon is left wondering if he is rescued or just another prisoner. Once again if this had been 200 pages it would have been great, instead, we are left hopping back and forth, losing track of characters, with painfully long stretches of zero action and way too many flashbacks.

I would love to say "I really enjoyed this 4 stars", but instead I am left feeling a meh 2.5 stars. Doesn't need to be in the story arc at all as I feel it didn't move the story forward, it just treads water. Disappointing.

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WIP Wednesdays // Aeldari Bonesinger

Welcome to an all section on the blog: WIP Wednesdays. The idea of this segment is to keep my momentum going with painting projects. It will allow me to show a bit more of myself and let you all peek behind the curtain to see what I get up to.

To kick this new segment off, I have a seriously exciting model an Aeldari Bonesinger. I was very lucky that a good friend of mine had an extra and was up for selling it. I had stupidly missed out twice to buy direct from GW, so there was no way I was passing up a third time.

As you can see, the model was metal cast and unmade. It needed a small amount of cleaning up, before gluing the parts together, which all surprisingly fitted well for a metal model. Now with it fully made I am hugely excited to paint it up. I am hoping at some point this week, I can get around to painting it. The scheme will be classic Iyanden. Lots of yellow, blue, and bone. I hope to be able to show off the finished model very soon.

Until then let me know how you run these? Do you use the dated rules or run him as a Farseer? Drop me a comment to let me know.

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Comic Review 138 // Strontium Dog: Repo Men

Looks like I am on the final tale of Strontium Dog. I believe that after this one there are no more tales as alas Carlos Ezquerra has passed away. This fills me with sadness at the thought of no more tales for Johnny, but I do understand, that it is best to leave the adventure unfinished in honor of such a great artist.

With this in mind, it is time to savor this last book and dive into Strontium Dog: Repo Men. With the 140+ pages, we have three stories: The Stix Fix, Repo Men, and The Judas Strain.

Set in the Aftermath of War Dogs, the Search and Destroy Agency is gone, mutants are no longer welcomed as bounty hunters. But this doesn't stop them from having a unique set of skills people still want to use. In the first story, The Stix Fix, we discover Johnny Alpha was captured and is being held with some of the other main characters in prison. Here Johnny is blackmailed into working for the North Koreans, his mission to rescue the kidnapped leader from the Stix clan. A great opening story continuing the mistrust of the Stix clan, as well as catching up on the characters post-war. It's a classic Stront tale with the job becoming more than what it started as and with Johnny attempting to keep everyone safe.

In Repo men, the main group is back together. Their goal: to reclaim the Rock (a giant asteroid space station) from a pirate group. Another great story that sees Johnny manipulating political groups against each other in an attempt to get what he needs. Strange aliens everywhere along with some great robots, this is truly a great tale.

Then finally the short story Judas Strain. Where we see Johnny and Durham Red teaming up once more. Of course, when Durham Red is involved the plan can never be straightforward. Plenty of double-crossing, blood, and gunfights in this fun little tale, not sure when it is set in the timeline though as they seem to be bounty hunters once again.

As with all the other stories, we are shown a big galaxy that is surprisingly small when it comes to the cast of players. It is definitely sad to think this is it, as far as I know, there are no more Johnny Alpha tales as Carlos Ezquerra passed away not long after this set. I think this is the push I need to start painting up more Warlord Games miniatures and to get playing some games.

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Strontium Dog: Repo Men

The Game: The Good, the Bad and the Mutie - Worth it for the miniatures alone.

Judge Dredd // Cadet Judge and Academy of Law

Welcome to a miniature Monday. Today is a mongoose gaming Cadet Judge, and to be honest I didn't feel like writing a whole backstory for the model. Due to a combination of receiving my first jab and the fact that the model isn't a great example of casting. With this running through my head, I instead have chosen to write about the Academy of Law, this is all fiction from the 2000 AD background and readily available across the internet.

Training a Street Judge takes fifteen long, hard years (although exceptional cadets may graduate earlier through a fast-track program, usually in thirteen years). Many of the entrants to the Academy of Law never make it to the streets of Mega-City One as a full Judge. The Academy is sometimes referred to as "The toughest school on earth". Cadets are either cloned from proven genetic stock or are recruited into the Academy, typically at the age of five. They are then expected to learn the basics of law enforcement very quickly, and any failure during their rigorous training is likely to lead to expulsion. Only two in seven cadets graduate. On graduating cadets attain Rookie Judge status and are awarded their half eagle badge and white helmet (See my photo.)

Cadet judges attend regular classes on all aspects of policing and controlling a 22nd Century Megalopolis. Both practical and mental skills are vital to their progress at the Academy, so they are subjected to continual assessment by their judge-tutors. One of the standard texts at the academy is The Comportment of a Judge - a reference guide for street judges written by Judge Dredd, and often known as "Dredd's Comportment". The Academy of Law is a self-contained environment for prospective judges - affording them somewhere to live, train both physically and mentally, and to be tested. However, cadets do have to go outside in groups for their "Hotdog Run," a combat mission into the Cursed Earth radiation desert. This is usually a cadet's first real test of their training in actual combat conditions.

By the 2110s, it was a practice to take the most violent cadets at age 6, those considered too much for the streets, and put them in special training for outer space Corps fireteams. In 2116, the Academy was allowing juves to try again for entry at age twelve; if approved, they couldn't become street Judges but might become off-world colony Judges.

Psis are taken from the Academy to Psi Division's own specialist training school, though they are also taught the same law and combat skills as Street Judges.

Rookie judges must also pass a "final street test" before they can graduate. Only when they have satisfied a serving judge that they can handle themselves on the streets of Mega-City One can a rookie leave the Academy with his or her black helmet and full eagle badge.

Flunked cadets struggle to fit back into society, having been conditioned into thinking being a Judge is the only thing that would matter. Many have suffered mental breakdowns, substance abuse problems, and early death.

Audio Review 34 // Judge Dredd - Crime Chronicle - Blood Will Tell

Following on from last week's listen (Link), comes another Judge Dredd one-hour audio drama. This one titled Blood Will Tell. Here is the official Big Finish write up:

When a frenzied mutant attack on Mega-City One's shield wall is revealed to be the cover for a group of infiltrators, Judge Dredd must face a deadly opponent from his past - Garris Hale, a man whose life he destroyed.

Back from exile in the radioactive wilderness of the Cursed Earth, Hale has possession of a dark secret - a secret so explosive that it could plunge the entire city into anarchy and chaos!

With his judgment in question and the future of his city in the balance, Dredd must face a lethal enemy intent on revenge at any cost! 

Just like the last Audio Drama, the story is played out by two actors. Toby Longworth (of course playing Dredd) and Paul Davin-Gough as Ex-Judge Hale. I was surprised to see this tale was written by James Swallow, yep yesterdays Garro story author. This was a great surprise for me and I due I would be in for a treat.

The story is portrayed as an after-action report to the SJS. With them, forcing Judge Dredd to talk about his hunt for the Ex-Judge Garris Hale. Garris Hale was destined to be an amazing Judge, similar in level to Judge Giant, but unfortunately, he turned out to have mutant strain within him and was forced into the exiled lifestyle of the Cursed Earth. Here he rose in strength and gathered about him a group of strong mutants who all have a grudge against MC-1.

Overall this is a multi-level story, featuring a Ruling body coverup, a mystery as to why Hale is back and how Judge Dredd fits into all it, all alongside an attempt to right a wrong. It would also seem Judge Dredd has some guilt at sending the Ex-Judge to the Cursed Earth and this clearly affected his judgment, which must have lead to the involvement of the SJS.

Overall a great listen as walked to and from work.

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Book 131 // Garro: Vow of Faith by James Swallow

It had to happen, I tried to put it off, but I have to read this final Garro Tale. So far this has been an amazing series by James Swallow and I hope this is not the end. Here are the other titles I have so far.

#01 Garro: Oath of Moment by James Swallow
#02 Sword of Truth by James Swallow
#03 Legion of One by James Swallow
#04 Burden of Duty by James Swallow
#05 Ashes of Fealty by James Swallow
#06 Shield of Lies by James Swallow

Here is the Black Library write up:

Returning to the start of his spiritual journey, Nathaniel Garro abandons his duties to search instead for Euphrati Keeler, the Living Saint, and any answers she can give him…

Long has been the road of Nathaniel Garro. After escaping the treachery of Isstvan III aboard the Eisenstein, he was gifted with a new purpose as the Agentia Primus of the Knights Errant – and yet, Garro has become listless as the full extent of Malcador the Sigillite’s plans for the future are revealed, questioning his place in the galaxy once more. Even as the armies of the Warmaster draw near, Garro strikes out into the wastes of Holy Terra. The object of his search? None other than the Living Saint, Euphrati Keeler.

Explore more of Terra than ever before as Garro's journey comes full circle and he seeks the woman who once saved his life and put him on his path. Filled with doubts and fears about the war and his place in it, Garro needs to find a new path to tread... and Keeler might just be able to help him again.

At 126 pages we get a nice quick read. It follows up on his story as Garro has a crisis of faith. Following the discovery of Malcador's "Grey Knights" and his refusal to lead them, Garro has seemingly lost his purpose and is no longer sure if he fits within the wider galaxy anymore. Following a meeting with Malcador, Garro is given time to find himself once more, and for our lead role that means finding Keeler "The Saint".

The main highlight of this tale was the re-appearance of old characters. Of course, we have Keeler and Sindermann, but we also have Kell and Sigismund. It is this follow-up that I really enjoy, as these characters have been forgotten about for far too long. I also enjoyed the time Terra as we got to discover more about this heavily scared planet and how the populous outside of the Palace actually live.

My only point of negativity is that I would have loved more pages. 126 was too short and I want James Swallow to be given some real space to play with this story. But ultimately a lovely read if you are a fan of the 30k verse.

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Comic Review 137 // Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: War Dogs

Speeding through the series now! Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: War Dogs picks up from where the last graphic novel finished. At 144 pages a lot has to get into this story. The story begins with Johnny Alpha captured in a mutant ghetto and being lead away in custody. As discovered in the last story a group of rich "Norms" have taken it upon themselves to sterilize the mutant population and it is up to Alpha to rally the mutant troops and start another war, but not for equality this time, this time it is pure revenge.

I enjoyed a sneak peek into the mutant ghettos of New Britain and the fact that it was mostly set in Norfolk brought a smile to me, as that's where I grew up. The story is full of Wagner's political views based on modern Britain and of course the stunning artwork, we should have a compelling story. Sadly though it doesn't seem to ever hit its stride. Johnny Alpha isn't his normal well-written self, he seems colder, duller and very two-dimensional, whilst different aspects of the story seem painfully rushed. Wagner's writing for this story seems off and missing the mark, maybe he needed more pages to complete a fuller story, whilst Ezquerra seems to get bored of drawing explosion after the first couple which is a shame as it adds to the rushed feeling of the story.

Overall I want to score this high and say go get it, but I can only give it an average at best review. I am left a little disappointed, to be honest. Going to be starting Repo tonight which sees us heading back into Bounty Hunting stories and I hope we can leave the political epics behind us for now.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have read it. Until then thank you for reading and use some of these links to help support the blog.

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Miniature Monday // Warlord Games - Nero Narcos 2000 AD

Whoop, getting through these Judge Dredd models at the moment. It is so nice to see models completed. This week I turn my attention to Nero Narcos the ultimate Crime Lord of Mega-City One. Here are his readily available details.

Full Name: Nero Narcos

Alias: None

Origin: 2000 AD prog 1141

Occupation: Leader of the criminal syndicate the Frendz

Powers/Skills: High Intellect

Goals: Conquer Mega-City One (Succeeded for a time, but was defeated)

Crimes: Murder/War Crimes/Robbery

Type of Villain: Crime Lord

Nero Narcos is a recurring antagonist in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the main antagonist in the story "The Doomsday Scenario". He was responsible for employing Vitus Dance and Orlok the Assassin to assassinate a rival criminal and also the man responsible for the Second Robot War.


Nero is a leader of a criminal syndicate called the Frendz Mob, the most powerful criminal organization in Mega-City One. After surviving but suffering bad injuries after an assassination attempt, his brain has been transplanted into an armored robotic body, and also the Frendz Mob has also been secretly sabotaging the new Judge weapon Mark II Lawgiver Firearms, which the Judges are already being issued with.

After Dredd finds out about the sabotage, before he is able to warn anyone about the sabotage, Nero proceeds with 'Operation Doomsday' which ends up being an all-out attack on the Judges in Mega-City One to overthrow them and take control of the city himself. Although Dredd and Demarco's discovery led to Nero starting his operation early, it was still successful as most of the Judges had been issued with the new Mark II Lawgivers. Legitimate Lawgivers have a safety feature that consists of a sensor in the grip which can detect the palm print of the user and an explosive charge so that if an unauthorized user attempts to fire one, it will explode in his hand. After Nero transmits a radio signal that will make all of the sabotaged lawgivers explode should the Judges use them. Hundreds of Judges were crippled or killed as a result and Nero proceeds to send the "Assassinator"-class robots city-wide to attack the Judges everywhere. The Judges were in complete disarray.

Later on, the Judges were losing the war badly, with Nero's robots slaughtering Judges and taking Justice buildings. Most of the surviving Judges are in hiding or fighting a guerrilla war since open combat is far too risky. Nero broadcasts the people will be rewarded if they inform on the Judge's whereabouts, but promises to execute anyone who aids the Judges. The war is going terribly for the Judges, with Nero's robots being seemingly endless with all the destroyed ones being replaced, the Judges dying in droves, Nero's robots have seized Mega-City One military satellites so he has access to nuclear weaponry and Nero also gained control of the Grand Hall of Justice and the Public Surveillance Unit, enabling him to watch the city and deploy his forces more successfully.

With help from Brit-Cit, Dredd and a squad of American Judges from the embassy go to the Cursed Earth outside of Mega-City One, where Nero has four spaceships land at that location, each containing thousands of Assassinator droids. Dredd and his squad manage to infiltrate one of the ships and reprogram the robots to fight for them and Brit-Cit destroys the other three ships, eliminating Nero's reinforcements.

Without reinforcements and under heavy attack from Dredd's reprogrammed assassinators, the Judges fighting back led by Deputy Chief Judge Hershey and Nero's robots suffering heavy casualties, the tide of the war begins to turn for the Judges and Dredd and his squad return to fight in Mega-City One. By the time Nero realizes he's defeated, Dredd's robots retake control of Mega-City One's military satellites, denying Nero his doomsday plan. Nero was gunned down in the street by a dozen Judges and they regain control of Mega-City One.

Such a badass character! Let us go over a few rules from the game about him. So Nero Narcos comes in at a sweet 19 Notoriety. Meaning he is meant to be roughly on par with a Street Judge. He has an okay stat line and will hold his own, but it would seem he is designed to be a supporting character with some great skills. Up first, Robot Control. With this skill, he can forfeit one or two of his actions to control an already activated robot giving them a bonus single action. Pair this with the Warbots and get an extra shot off or dive them into cover, which can be pretty clutch. His second skill Self-Repair Sub-Routines; allows Nacros to rapidly heal, meaning if you put him down you best finish the job or he will come back and then finally Who Needs Frendz, a passive power used at the start of the game to force your opponent to discard an armory card, instantly putting them on a back foot. He also has a short-range grenade launcher that I feel if you are using this you are either in trouble or pushing too hard with this character.

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Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 30

The Game: I AM THE LAW by Warlord Games

Audio Review 33 // Judge Dredd: Crime Chronicles - Stranger than Truth

Feels like forever since I reviewed a Judge story. These Big Finish audio dramas were so good and it is sad they are almost impossible to find now or you find them at silly prices. But when I do go across a well-priced version be sure to know I will pick it up. Today's title is Stranger than Truth, here is the write-up.

Captured and imprisoned by Judge Dredd, author Truman Kaput has spent years in the Mega-City One iso-cubes, his work banned. His crime: writing lurid detective novels in which the fictitious Slick Dickens repeatedly outwits the cowardly bully Judge Dredd. Now a New Truman Kaput novel is being serialized, and each chapter predicts an imminent murder with chilling accuracy.

Has Slick Dickens escaped the page to commit real crimes in Mega-City One? Is a serial killer using the chapters as templates for their crime? Where does fiction end and the truth start? Can Dredd stop the plot before his nemesis fulfills the finale of Slick Dickens: I Killed Judge Dredd?

Run time: 1 hr 11 minutes.
Author: David Bishop
Actors: Toby Longworth and Helen Kay.

As mentioned before I am a fan of the Big Finish series so was excited to see what was different with a Crime Chronicles format. From what I can tell the main difference is there are only actors, with a lot of narration building up the world around them.

The story revisits a character I have always found comical- Slick Dickens, the only (fictional) man to ever kill Judge Dredd in the comics. So when Eliza Blunt of Brit Cit, comes in search of a story about the arrested author Truman Kaput, it doesn't take long for Judge Dredd to appear. Rumor has it that a new Slick Dicken's novel is in the works. But when the fictional character suddenly comes to life, all hell breaks loose as murders start happening and the only lead is Eliza Blunt. Is the smooth killer actually loose in the city, has Truman Kaput somehow escaped and hired a killer or is there some darker truth behind the stories?

Well worth an hour of listening time, I would recommend having some previous knowledge of the characters before partaking. But if a fan of Judge Dredd you should definitely try to find and listen to it. The voice acting was on point and the sound effects absorbed me in, really great work.

As always thanks for checking in on me. Let me know in the comments what you want me to read next. Until then thank you for reading and use some of these links to help support the blog.

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Book Review 130 // Mark of Calth (Horus Heresy)

Well after last week's little break, I was excited to get back to Space Marine high adventure in the 30k. Seems like a good title to bounce back into, it is full of short stories all set in the same theatre of war, Calth. Here is the official write up from Black Library:

In this all-new collection of Horus Heresy stories, witness the untold tales of the Underworld War. The Heresy reached Calth without warning. In just a few hours of betrayal and bloodshed, the proud warriors of the XIIIth Legion – Guilliman’s own Ultramarines – were laid low by the treachery of their erstwhile brothers of the XVIIth. Now, as the planet is scoured by solar flares from the wounded Veridian star, the survivors must take the fight to the remaining Word Bearers and their foul allies, or face damnation in the gloomy shelters beneath the planet’s surface. The battle for Calth is far from over...

The Shards of Erebus, Calth That Was, Dark Heart, The Traveller, A Deeper Darkness, The Underworld War, Athame & Unmarked

Let's dive into these tales:

The Shards of Erebus by Guy Haley

Had to start with the main villain himself Erebus. Set during the planning stages of the Calth war we get to see inside the villain head and his dealings with the other leaders. It is a great opening tale and gets you into the headspace of the book.

Calth that was by Graham McNeill

The main tale of the book. Set in the aftermath of the Calth conflict written in Know No Fear. This was an amazing read and the characters were all deserving of a full novel. It had some dodgy parts just like any Space Marine Tale, especially with the Ultramarines facing off against high numbers of Word Bearers and suffering no losses! But was a great follow-up to the Know No Fear novel.

Dark Heart by Anthony Reynolds

This story ties in with Reynold's 40k Word Bearer trilogy. The main feature character is Marduk and the story is set during the Battle of Calth. It would seem Marduk is in some deep trouble after killing his assigned mentor. Due to this, he is being interrogated by Kor Phaeron!

This was a standout story for me, as it fits in perfectly with Know No Fear story and makes me want to reread the Word Bearer Series. So watch this space.

The Traveller by David Annandale

The next story was a slight change of pace as we actually learn about the refugees of the conflict. It deals with life in the caverns, how they cause themselves more trouble than they solve and how scary daemons can actually be. It was an intriguing read.

A Deeper Darkness by Rob Sanders
Oooh, a horror/ghost story. Whilst seeking a warren of traitorous Word Bearers an Ultramarine squad discovers a darker horror! Some real great highlights in this tale, the setting is great and made me feel claustrophobic and the daemon is terrifying. Another great short story.

The Underworld War by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

An intriguing story about how the Gal Vorbek is created. The story had a great twist to it that left me wondering what was happening all the way up to the end. I found it interesting how Lorgar and Argel interact with each other over their creation and the future of the chapter. I hope we see more of these in future novels.

Athame by John French

A bit of a strange tale as it follows the life of a ritual dagger. It feels like this is an opening tale that will get a follow-up at some point. It did seem out of place in the story lineup and came across as an okay tale compared to those that came before it. 

Unmarked by Dan Abnett

Oh, wrote that last review too soon. Seems like the follow-up happens straightway. Abnett jumps into the tale and has to jump through time and space with a small group of Calth survivors fleeing with the Athame whilst chased by the daemon M'kar. Felt like a 30k version of Sliders and was a fun read, though once again with it being the final tale of the book it felt a bit out of place.

Overall an above-average read for this title. Lots of great shorts with the Dark Heart, A Deeper Darkness, and The Underworld War being my standout picks.

As always, cheers for checking in. Feel free to sign up to get notifications and use any of these links to support me.

Audible: Mark of Calth

Youtube // The Blessed Wormlings - Genestealer Cult

A long-overdue project finally getting some love. In this video, I finally get some paint on my Genestealer Cultist Neophytes, part of my slowly growing Blessed Wormlings army.

To get you caught up here are some links to previous projects.

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Filmed on a Sony A5100 (Amazon Link)

Genestealer Cult: Neophytes (Amazon Link)

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Comic Review 136 // Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: The Project

I am still hitting the Strontium Dog series hard. With this title, we pick up the story arc after Johnny Alpha's death. This entire graphic novel is basically John Wagner basically attempting to undo the entire Final Solution Arc. Which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. With only 144 pages this does seem like a lightweight tale, but let us dive in.

The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha - The Project

We are re-introduced to Precious Matson who we may remember from Blood Moon (last week's post), in this tale she has become a biographer researching Johnny Alpha's life. In her quest to learn more she seeks out the loveable Middenface. Here we get a long overdue catch-up with the character and it turns out life has gone downhill for this Scot. Now a full-time alcoholic, we find out about the guilt he has suffered since Johnny's death. But after the big reveal that Feral brought Johnny's body back, we see a reinvigorated Middenface.

With this pairing, we get to enjoy some planet jumping adventures. We get a catch-up with Feral and watch as Wagner completely destroys this character. I know Wagner was not a fan but damn what a brutal ending. We then join them as they recover Johnny Alpha's body and using the power of some wizard rocks they bring back Johnny Alpha!

A solid opening story, made great by Carlos' artwork. Well written and done in a way that makes sense.

The second half has the newly risen Johnny being hunted by some Strontium Dogs and it sets up the tale for the second book in the series (which will come next week). But ultimately we discover a group of rich "norms" drugging food supplies to mutant populations with the goal of sterilizing the entire mutant populous. This of course does not go down well once discovered and it would seem Johnny Alpha is about to start another war.

A good story, which I know is the prologue for the next book. But it really felt like it ended way too bluntly. I am lucky as the next book is already in my collection, but if I was reading at the time of release I would have been pissed to see it end that way.

Then in classic 2000 AD style we a bonus strip:

What if...? Max Bubba Hadn't Killed Wulf". That's right in this alt timeline our beautiful bearded Viking wasn't murdered by Bubba. Instead, he has grown old and following some incident has been left paralyzed. It seems like a sad state of affairs for such a great character and though fun to read I really didn't see the need for it.

Ultimately another solid graphic novel. I hope the next title Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: War Dogs, lives up to expectations and answers some of the unanswered questions. Only time will tell.

As always thanks for checking in on me. Let me know in the comments what you want me to read next. Until then thank you for reading and use some of these links to help support the blog.

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Miniature Monday // Judge Dredd - Nero Narcos' Assassinator Droids

Heading once more into the depths of Mega-City One and that cesspit Sector 102. I was staring at my Warlord Games Nero Nacros, when I realized I had two of his Assassinator Droids hidden away on a shelf from an earlier age (they are from the Mongoose era). Looking at these unfinished models filled me with a sense of dread and I knew I had to finish them.

In the comics, the Droids are a dull, realistic grey. This I could not live with, so I choose bold yellow and red to be their main coloring. I wanted them to say comic book death-dealing droid and I felt these were the colors to do it with. Started with a base primer of white to which I heavily coated in a yellow wash to give me a flat, solid yellow. Then simply with some red contrast paint, I picked out the eye lens, some wing panels, and one shoulder panel. To add some depth I used a brown wash to pick out panels and add some water damage. The bases are pretty straightforward, I used some torn-up corkboard and some wire to create a damaged floor effect. To this, I add grey paint before adding some washes of black and brown paints. These add some much-needed height to the models, to help them tower over their victims! Overall the paint scheme was nothing too serious and took about the hour tops, but I do now have two rather exciting-looking droids.

Nero Narcos' Assassinator Driods

Clocking in at a Notoriety of 22 each. These droids are a single point cheaper than a Senior Street Judge! But they come with some fearsome stats and equipment. First, up a shoot of 3, though not at a judge's level they do come two deadly weapons. Up first the Laser Rifle - Up to 24" range with Laser and Piercing rules, this weapon will hurt if it hits. Then on top of this the Inbuilt Rocket Launcher, once again solid range with the blast rule, high power and is able to use special ammunition. The weird thing with the rules that I don't understand is giving the droids Gunfighter? In the rules, you are allowed to fire back if you pass the test but due to its weapons how can you do that as they need to aim first...seems weird. It seems solid in combat with a good fight value and a super high resist, combining self-repair this thing will keep on going if given the chance! You have been warned.

Would love to hear your feedback, drop me a comment!

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Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 30

The Game: I AM THE LAW by Warlord Games

Audio Review 32 // The Binary Succession by David Annandale

I've been enjoying these Horus Heresy audio dramas, but I feel I need to take a little break (to avoid burnout), so after this one, I will be diving into some Xenomorph dramas. Before this happens let us dive into The Binary Succession.

Even as the Imperium faces the renegade Legions of the Warmaster, the ruling Council of Terra is becoming paralyzed from within by increasingly petty bureaucracy. Fabricator General Kane has seen his fellow Mechanicum adepts dismissed again and again by the High Lords – with his traitorous predecessor Kelbor-Hal still at large on the Red Planet, the political status of the tech-priesthood remains ambiguous. New alliances must be forged from the old if Mars and Terra are to survive the final battle.

Set after the fall of Mars, we finally get to catch up with the Cult of Machine members that remained loyal to Terra. Displaced from their homes, the Mechanicus are viewed as little more than refugees and burdens. But in this mess, the newly chosen Ambassador for Mars will risk everything to create one of the most powerful bodies in the New Imperium: The Adeptus Mechanicus. Within this tale, we have High Lords of Terra, Malcador, Titans, and very nearly a civil war. All perfectly voiced and portrayed.

An ultimately well-written piece that was performed well. Did it move the Horus Heresy series along? Nope. It was a great political piece and intriguing in the fact that its lack of action made it into a strong story. I not actually sure when this piece appears in the series, but based on the cover artwork it must be later on. I look forward to finding out when.

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Book Review 129 // The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Ever had an itch that you just couldn't ignore? Well, that happened to me this week, I had a need to visit Middle Earth once more and I felt it was right to give the Hobbit a re-read. The last time I properly read this title was about 10 years ago, in preparation for the film's release. I remember enjoying the title and being disappointed by the film ha! Let's see if that is still the case.

The Hobbit

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

Written for J.R.R. Tolkien’s own children, The Hobbit met with instant critical acclaim when it was first published in 1937. Now recognized as a timeless classic, this introduction to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the wizard Gandalf, Gollum, and the spectacular world of Middle-earth recounts of the adventures of a reluctant hero, a powerful and dangerous ring, and the cruel dragon Smaug the Magnificent. The text in this 372-page paperback edition is based on that first published in Great Britain by Collins Modern Classics (1998), and includes a note on the text by Douglas A. Anderson (2001). Unforgettable!

Kindle Pages: 322

Well, I am glad to revisit this classic. It is hard to review a classic like this because what can I realistically add that hasn't been said? I guess the main point of note is that you have to read it in the first person. You become Tolkien to narrate the tale of a group of Dwarves and a Hobbit named Bilbo, as they travel across Middle Earth to confront a dragon.

The story introduces us to characters that will become important in other tales like Gandalf, the Eagles and Gollum, but the main focus of the tale is Bilbo. A hobbit who unknowingly was searching for adventure and ultimately finds his true worth, whilst under the employ of Thorin. 

Thorin and his company of misfit Dwarves are a fun cast, though an important part of the story, they never overtake the lead. They are a displaced line of dwarves, chased from their home by a dragon, who claim their fortress as its new nest. They have roamed from place to place selling their strength and skills to earn a living, but now this group of 14 unlikely heroes, hope to sneak in and retake the fortress and their gold from the mighty dragon. Seems like a terrible plan ha. It is also worth noting at this point, that when compared to the film, the book has a lot less hacking and slashing happening, and is in fact a lot more realistic tale.  The group is attempting to get from A to B, with as little attention drawn to them as possible. Of course, this doesn't happen otherwise we wouldn't have a story lol. Most of the book comically is them getting into trouble and solving how to get out of it in one piece. They sneak around whilst attempting to distract their enemies, this seems like a more realistic choice in the events described, and it is comical to watch them lose everything in their first encounter. They are like a bad D&D group stumbling from one natural 1 roll to the next. Yes, Thorin is a great warrior, but in no way are these an elite unit of Dwarves, made up of old-timers, youngsters and cooks!

I also love how Tolkien describes the landscape and throughout the story, we visit some amazing locations. Like the Misty Mountains, the home to trolls, goblins and Stone Giants. Then scary Mirkwood, which is the home of Spiders and paranoid Elves (no Legolas and no Dwarf/Elf love stories), before finally reaching Laketown and the Dwarves home. It is these locations that sparked my hobby love, especially Mirkwood and are possibly the reasons I am such an Elvish fan nowadays.

It is a book that people either adore or dislike, for me, I adore it and I have so many memories attached to it. Why I hadn't read this in over ten years is unknown to me. But I am very excited to introduce this book to my children in the coming years, and I hope I can spark their imagination as it did for me.

My itch is definitely itched. Such a great refresher for me, don't think I am ready for LoTR just yet but I can only assume it is in my future soon. As always cheers for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to sign up to get notifications and use any of these links to support me (any amazon link gives me a kickback...Thank you).

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Comic Review 135 // Star Wars: Boba Fett - Death, Lies and Treachery

I only just realized May the 4th was a few days out. I knew I had to a Star Wars Comic! This means I have to bump a Strontium Dog review back a week. When doing a Stars Wars comic there is only one character I enjoy reading at the moment, Boba Fett. We are basically trading one intergalactic bounty hunter for another. Read on and enjoy!

Written by John Wagner so I know we are in good hands. At 144 pages, it should be a straight-up read. Here is the official read-up:

Throughout the vast reaches of the galaxy—wherever fugitives meet or lawbreakers conspire—one name is always uttered in hushed tones... Some say he is a Mandalore warrior; others, that he merely wears the Mandalore battlesuit because of its unrivaled killing power. The truth is impossible to confirm, for none have seen the face that gazes with merciless eyes from within that battered helmet – none, at least, who have lived to tell the tale.

Collects Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda, Boba Fett: When the Fat Lady Swings, and Boba Fett: Murder Most Foul.

Let us start with the obvious. I find it funny that Wagner writes Boba Fett and Judge Dredd, but it also makes perfect sense. Two characters who are expert shooters, both never take their helmets off, both are clones and both have a strong viewpoint of right and wrong,

The story sees Boba Fett hired by the Hutt clan to do some classic bounty hunter jobs ie. Assassination and if possible some search and rescue. In classic Wagner styling, he brings some comedic relief to the Star Wars universe. Whilst the artwork of Cam Kennedy makes for some strange-looking villains. As with a lot of Star Wars stories, the actual tale is pretty straightforward and generic. We all know Boba Fett isn't going to die so at no point do you feel like he is in danger which is a shame. But we do get plenty of action, gunfights, and violence. It's classic sci-fi bounty hunting at its best. Well worth the read for some light enjoyment. Have an amazing May the 4th, Revenge of the Fifth and This is the May.

As always cheers for checking in and feel free to sign up to get notifications and use any of these links to support me.

Kindle Edition: Boba Fett: Death, Lies, and Treachery

Aeldari Craftworld Locations

Welcome, no miniatures this week as I wanted a little break. This time I will be continuing my work on tidying up the Eldar Encyclopedia page. A fun little page this week as I delve into the locations found on Eldar Craftworlds.

Most of these locations have come from Black Library novels and are not a full or complete list. If you know of locations I have missed let me know in the comments and I will add them on.

Craftworld Locations

"There is still time to change the course of history" - Autarch Talyesin Fharenal, Craftworld Saim-Hann

Locations on Alaitoc

Avenue of Starlight Secrets: Kilometer-long balcony located on the starward side and food bars.

Bay of Departing Sorrows: Viewing deck of the Shipyard

Boulevard of Split Moons: Fashion and Jewelry shops.

Crescent of the Dawning Ages: Park

Dome of Enchanting Echoes: Performance hall for Singers.

Dome of the Last Sunrise: Place of Celebrations.

Dome of the Midnight Forests: Blue Grass, Groves of Lianderin trees.

Dome of New Suns: Place of Quiet thought.

Dome of the Rising Hope: Artificial Sun, Lilac beaches.

Dome of Sighing Whispers: Home to the Fallen

Gardens of Tranquil Reflections: Rose colour water and white sands.

Hall of Truth: Public speaking hall

Hidden Chamber: Located in the heart of the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit, allowing Farseers some solitude.

Ixia Wayport: A transit and transportation hub for the Craftworld.

Place of Answering: A place to voice concerns on the ruling council's decisions.

Plaza of Reflection: Open city area.

The Dome of Midnight Twilight: Home to artwork depicting Chaos.

The Midnight Dome: Darkness and a place for lovers.

Shrine of the Deadly Shadow: Striking Scorpions temple dark swamplands, trees inside with a Pyramid.

Shrine of the Ending Veil: Dark Reapers Temple.

Shuttle Vault: Cross hub transport monorail.

Tower of the Dormant Witnesses: Poet Commune.

Tower of the Eternal Welcomes: Docking Bay, encased in a bluish shield that keeps the vacuum at bay.

Tower of the Evening Melodies: Music Venue

Tower of Infinite Patience: Hotel.

Tower of Starlight Majesty: Building with stunning views

The Vale of Khaine: The district of the Aspect temples.

Locations of Biel-Tann

Avenue of Lost Glories Remembered to be Recaptured: Arcade of statues.

Remembered Supremacy to be Regained: Main Webway portal.

Tower of Bloodied Knives: Biel tan docks

Locations of Iyanden

Aldanari Dome: Living quarters

Avenue of Guarded Love: Romantic Retreat

Bridge of Endless Night: Docks

Chamber of Starlight: Iyanden Farseer Meditation space.

Chambers of Resurrection: Spiritseers chamber to guide spirits to Wraiths.

Dome of Accentuated Night: Iyanden dome full of ruins and the house of Arienal

Endless Forest: One of the seven great domes on Iyanden, harboring an ecosystem collected from a thousand worlds.

Eternity Gate: Dock.

Fire of Creation: Home to a Flame created by Asuryan during the times of Legend.

Forest of Silence: A giant forest that acts as lungs on the Craftworld.

Fortress of the Red Moon: Fortress, location of the Swarmlord's defeat by Yriel.

Fortress of Tears: Fortress and Shrine to the lost.

Fortuitous Endings: Docks.

Hidden Gorge: A deep gorge that cuts to the wraithbone core of Iyanden. Found in the Haladesh desert. Those on the path of Solitude live near the waterfalls located within the gorge.

Long Swift Voyages: Docks.

Long Wandering: Docks.

Mistmaze: Ghosthalls of Haladesh.

Oceans of Ceaseless Tranquility: Once beautiful oceans, now boiled away to nothing following the Tyranid invasion.

Oasis of Tears: Bar.

Plaza of the Red's Moon New Birthing: Located in front of the Red Moon Fortress.

Tree of the Crone: A tree that aids the Iyanden Seers to search the future.

Shrine of Asuryan: Shrine to the God Asuryan.

Shrine of Ulthanash: Iyanden home of Yriel's Cursed blade.

Spider's Gate: Main Webway gate of Iyanden.

Urhaithanalish: Capital City of House Haladesh.

Wayport Vaidh: Webway Port.

Locations on Saim-Hann

Dome of Swift Longings:

The Fireglades: Home of clan Fireheart. Full of orange and red trees, with a coastal delta.

Lake of tranquil sorrows: Within the Fire Glades.

The Falls of the Unshed Tears: A waterfall on Saim-Hann.

Shadow Vale: Oldest dome of the Craftworld and home to the Oracle's of the last truth. The Oracle's are Cathasarren, Alodrist, and Yddgara. Farseers crystalized attempting to repair a damaged infinity circuit. Now the dead can talk through them.

Sighing Winds: Saim-Hann dome chamber of seers.

Tower of Winding Destiny: Saim-Hann location.

Locations on Ulthwe

Bridge of Sighing Clouds: Docks

Chamber of all Futures: Ulthwe seer chamber

Dome of Crystal Seer: The Dome of Crystal Seers is a location within a Craftworld's wraithbone core, existing as a broad bio-dome littered with groves of tall wraithbone trees that reach out into space. It is here that the most ancient Farseers of the Eldar retreat. As Farseers reach greater and greater ages, their minds become so closely linked with the Craftworld's core that their physical bodies simply grow dormant. Within the Dome, the eldest of seers gradually crystallize and take root, until they turn entirely to crystal. The Farseer's spirit is then preserved forever within the psycho-conductive Infinity Circuit. In the wraithbone trees sprouting from the core, tiny Warp Spiders are seen. They can melt their arachnoid forms to move through the Infinity Circuit to protect the Dome and the entire Craftworld from invasive psychic entities.

Port of Last Starlight: Dock

Other Locations

Maze of Linnian: A mystical location and is part of the Ulthanesh Mythos.

Hope you enjoyed and as I discover more locations I will add them to the list.

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Kindle Edition Eldar (Big book of Eldar Stories)

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Audio Review 31 // Garro: Ashes of Fealty and Shield of Lies by James Swallow

Today is a double feature kind of day! As you know, I've been hitting the Garro series hard. I have so far been loving it. But all good things come to an end. I have these two audio dramas left, plus one short story. I will be sad to see the end of the Garro tales for now, but it has been a blast.

Garro: Ashes of Fealty

After bringing warning of Horus’s treachery to Terra, Nathaniel Garro bade a solemn farewell to his Death Guard brethren and was set upon a more noble path than he ever could have imagined for himself. Now, an old comrade returns - Meric Voyen, once an Apothecary of the XIVth Legion, carrying a deadly cargo within the boundaries of the Solar System. Knowing only too well that to underestimate the powers of the warp is to fall prey to their corrupting influence, Garro must decide if any good can come of Voyen’s mission... and whether or not it is already too late to act against it.

Two old friends, now enemies, meet over a mysterious casket in this clash of ideals. Apothecary Meric Voyen challenges the mission of Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro. The tension mounts as the story head to a climactic ending. And what lurks in the casket is as disgusting as it’s frightening…

Performed by: Jonathan Keeble and Toby Longworth
Running time: 18 minutes

Was taken back by the shortness of this tale. At 18 minutes, how much action can you get in? The answer is a lot. I would highly recommend not just diving in, you need some background info for this tale, at the very least read the Flight of the Eisenstein. Garro having returned to Luna is reunited with one of his former Battle Brothers, whose fate we have never learnt (guessing they are stuck on Luna, untrusted, prisoners).
As mentioned Garro is reunited with Meric Voyen the Apothecary from Garro's old Death Guard command squad. We learn that the Heresy has been so kind to him and in an attempt to be of use, Meric Voyen has gone down a dark misguided path.
A very interesting audio drama and I hope we get to revisit the survivors again at some point.

Garro: Shield of Lies

While the war rages on across the galaxy, for many on the Throneworld of Terra it exists only in rumour and hearsay. But in the course of her daily duties, humble adept Katanoh Tallery discovers evidence of a conspiracy within the Administratum - surely, this can only be the precursor to a traitor attack on the Solar System itself! Fleeing into the shadows, she soon finds herself at the mercy of the mysterious Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro. Will this stalwart defender of mankind be her saviour or her executioner?

Performed by: Jonathan Keeble and Toby Longworth
Running time: 2hrs. and 6mins.

We go from the shortest tale to one of the longest. From the moment it starts to the final words the effects have improved so much. The voice acting is amazing, the sound effects absorb you into the story and the story was rather intense. The main character Katanoh Tallery has discovered a terrible secret, someone is cooking the books and moving material to a secret base. Unfortunately for her she doesn't know who to trust and ends up on the run. As she is chased through the city a grey armoured Space Marine comes to her and she must trust him to survive.
Garro seems changed in this book, back to having doubts as to who to trust and who is in the right. It seems like everyone is up to something suspicious and no one can be trusted and this is a Galaxy Garro is coming to hate. The story ends with some big reveals aka the Grey Knights.

Overall another solid tale, I am sad to start the last book but I feel that I must!

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Book Review 237 // Gods of the North by Robert E. Howard

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