Youtube // Let's Eat Cake! Pomegranate Sour and The Elvis by Mike Holland

Welcome to a long-overdue food video. Only one minute long so it is an easy watch. I am back on the Mike Holland Cakes after a little break. The two cakes in this video are the Pomegranate Sour and the Elvis. Enjoy and give me a follow!

Pomegranate Sour

A Blueberry, Pomegranate Sour cake. Made with a Lemon Cake for a base, sour blueberry icing on top, Beyond the Pale brewing companies Chaotic Pop! Pomegranate for a sour ale pastry cream, before finishing with fresh blueberry and pomegranate topping.

Pure deliciousness!!

The Elvis

A Banana Cake base with donut icing. Then filled with a banana compote and topped with bacon bits (cheat day 🤫).

I feel the legend would have enjoyed this one.

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