Miniature Monday // Lowdown O'Phee

It finally happened. I've finished the whole set! That's right I've completed The Good, The Bad and The Mutie, by Warlord Games. Meaning I can now start moving onto some basic terrain so I can start playing some games. But before any of that happen let's deep dive into the character Lowdown O'Phee.

Real name: Lowdown O'Phee

Affiliation: Max Bubba

Unusual features: No body

Occupation: Gang member

Origin: Mutated by strontium-90

Place of death: Lapland


Lowdown McPhee was a mutant born without a body who was a member of Max Bubba's gang. He took part in Bubba's plot to destroy humanity by going back in time to Viking Scandinavia and randomly killing people. Lowdown died after being shot several times in a final confrontation between Bubba and a group led by Johnny Alpha.

Transportation: Electric car; time machine.

Weapons: Blaster.

This was a hard model to paint. It's strange not having the body aspect of a model and the casting on the face was a little misshapen. But I am happy to have him finished and with the set complete The Good, The Bad and The Mutie is now finished. With this opening set complete, I am now ready to continue building up some terrain and attempt some solo games. Wish me luck with this.

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