Comic Review 134 // Strontium Dogs: Blood Moon

When I started my adventures into Strontium Dog, I didn't appreciate how much I was going to enjoy it. I am now on book 8 of 12 tracebacks that I know off and I haven't lost my interest (thought the Final Solution came close). On top of this, I have been really inspired by the games and have completed the first round of figures, meaning I can play a game soon. But back to the comic.

Strontium Dogs: Blood Moon

Writer: John Wagner
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Pages: 192

Colonel Blood Moon was one of the most feared mutant figures operating during the war. Driven by his hatred for norms and desire to destroy their leader Nelson Kreelman, Moon would sacrifice anything and anyone for victory. That ruthlessness led to an event that would earn him the ire of a young Johnny Alpha, and leave the legendary Strontium Dog with a thirst for revenge!

Written by John Wagner (Button Man, A History Of Violence) and with art by Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd) this is an unmissable action-packed epic!

  • Blood Moon (Prog #2009, progs #1617–#1628))
  • The Mork Whisperer (Progs #1651–#1660))
Unsurprisingly this tale follows on after last week's title of Traitor to His Kind. Now if you aren't reading the titles in the order it doesn't matter, this is very much a stand-alone tale and can be read on its own. As mentioned above it contains two stories the first Blood Moon, appeared in 2009.

Blood Moon

Set during the mutant/norm wars we join a young Johnny Alpha on a high-priority mission. Alpha isn't aiding General Armz this time, instead, he is seconded to Willian Blood Moon, a rather angry mutant with half his face covered in metal. Alpha's mission is to confirm the presence of his father Nelson Kreelman at a rally. If confirmed Moon's forces with assault the city in an attempt to claim his life and end the war. Unfortunately, Moon's tactics are too extreme for Alpha and they become bitter rivals.

Jump forward in time and a bounty has been issued for Moon and Alpha is out to collect!

Overall a strong and heartfelt story. Wagner makes Moon a very believable character, full of charisma and love for his people, but at the same time completely ruthless and does not care about the costs of victory. With the passing of time, it would seem Wagner developed the Moon character to become darker and darker, believing that terrorism is the answer, rather than working with the new goverment. A great mix of personal and political arguments is brought up throughout the story, with a huge amount of black and white arguments becoming grey. How long can you fight for, before you become the monster you thought you were fighting? 

This is the main story and for good reason. Worth the cover price alone.

The Mork Whisperer

A more straightforward Strontium Dog tale, as we join Johnny Alpha aboard a luxury spaceship. Here we billionaire Igor Galactic (such a bad name lol). We discover that Galactic's children have been kidnapped by their mother. Alpha is tasked to bring back Kevin, who Galatic wishes to become his heir and take over the company. Alpha agrees to a pricy sum of 10 Million credits!

To aid him in the search Alpha recruits, Middenface McNulty, Blubberlips, Turvey, Evans the Fist and the Torso of Newcastle and together they head off to investigate the last location of the family.

This is a more by the numbers story, with a powerful character using Alpha for his own gains, before becoming undone by Alpha's high moral ground. It is an eventful story and a fun read, definitely filler but worth the read.

Let me know in the comments what you want me to read next. Until then thank you for reading and use some of these links to help support the blog.

Amazon Link: Strontium Dog: Blood Moon

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