Comic Review 132 // Glimmer Rats by Gordon Rennie

Last week when I completed Strontium Dog: The Keeler Conspiracy, I posted on Instagram and offered up three opinions of what to read next and it seemed like the vote sung slightly to Glimmer Rats. With this in mind let us dive into this one-shot comic.

Glimmer Rats

Author: Gordon Rennie

Artist: Mark Harrison

Commercial Fluff: Under the autocratic rule of a federal Europe, all prisoners are press-ganged into the military to fight an incredible war against an unbelievable enemy: unearthly monsters from another dimension known as the "Glimmer." As the reluctant troopers soon learn, the Glimmer is ruled by the "Geist" -- the malevolent spawn of hell that can rend, kill, and destroy humans in a thousand different ways. The only way to survive is to be meaner, fight dirtier, and kill faster than the Geist...

Page Count: 64 Pages


A crazy sci-fi horror, which is brought to life by the artwork of Mark Harrison. This story captured my imagination like the Alien movie and Warhammer 40,000. Gordon Rennie really produced a mind-bending tale, full of action, horror and otherworld terror.

Within the tale you are introduced to only a few main characters, I really like the fact that the cast list is pretty small. Each character is someone you don't want to like, murders, rapists, traitors and terrorists, but you can't full for them and even care for the odd character. The plot is straightforward - a terrorist/freedom fighter is arrested and shot into a dimensional rift to fight other-dimensional monsters. Here we discover a broken and defeated team that is seeking redemption. Whilst the newbie is learning the ropes we find out about a possible way to escape the rift, but can the exit be truly real?

It is one of the best comics I've read in 2021, enjoyable, short and has left me inspired. I highly recommend it to anyone in the sci-fi hobby, if you can't find inspiration in it then you should unfollow me. In all seriousness give me a follow or comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.

Let me know in the comments what you want me to read next. Until then thank you for reading and use some of these links to help support the blog.

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