Comic Review 131 // Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy

It is with happiness that I announce no Dark Horse Comic this week. I needed to ensure I read something I knew I would enjoy, so I turned to the trusted warm embrace of 2000 AD. Now it's been a few weeks since I finished the original series of Strontium Dog, but with completing the final figure from the game, I felt it was only right to read some more of the series. This book sees the return of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra as they explore more of Johnny Alpha's past. Here is the official write-up for Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy.

Ex-Earth President Nelson Kreelman is imprisoned on the planet Rodos for his crimes against mutant-kind. But even behind bars, Kreelman is a dangerous man, for his allies are on their way to break him out. Johnny Alpha uncovers the conspiracy to unleash this genocidal dictator and, with the help of some unlikely companions, he plans to put a stop to Kreelman’s ruthless regime once and for all!

Written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd) and with art by Carlos Ezquerra (Bloody Mary), this Thrill-packed collection continues the adventures of everybody’s favourite bounty hunter.

Stories include:

Kreeler Conspiracy Part 1
Kreeler Conspiracy Part 2
The Tax Dodge

As I mentioned in the opener this graphic novel does not follow from The Final Solution, instead, these take us back to some of Johnny and Wulf's earlier adventures. This was due to the creative pair not liking the fact that Johnny had been killed off in the main arc, so they had no choice but to go back and make more backstories for them instead.

The main story of the novel is the title piece Kreeler Conspiracy. It has Johnny once again facing off against his father Nelson Kreelman. If you haven't read my reviews of the series, Nelson Kreelman was once the President of Earth, who attempted to wipe all mutants out. He was ultimately stopped by a group of mutants lead by Johnny Alpha and imprisoned for life on some far-flung planet. Unfortunately for Johnny Alpha, the shadow of his father is never far away and soon Alpha is facing off against a group of fanatics seeking to free Kreelman from prison.

A very solid opening tale, with beautiful and fully coloured artwork. It is a true treat for the eyes. Feels like the old Strontium Dog tales of the earlier volumes.

This is then followed up by Roadhouse. Summoned to an artist colony world, our bounty-hunting duo is soon drawn into the mysterious tale of the worlds missing artists, whilst they chase some wanted criminals. At a much-needed rest point, Johnny and Wulf enter a roadhouse, hoping for room and board. Inside they find the building in disrepair and dusty, but they follow some footprints to discover 10 doors leading to some strange sub-dimensions. Here they discover what has become to the missing artists and will need all the help they can get if they plan to escape.

Interesting story that makes me think of some sort of twilight zone episode, which is great. This is what I love about 2000 AD stories. They are willing to have fun and not worry about the high sci-fi story arc.

The final tale is The Tax Dodge. A perfect story for this time of the year as I have just finished my own taxes. The tale is full-on silly and comical, with Johnny Alpha attempting to avoid a tax collector, who Alpha owes about two million unpaid back taxes too. But as Johnny and Wulf attempt to dodge this low life they end up discovering the whereabouts of the Unrighteous Brothers, a gang hell-bent on causing crime but without causing death (they also look very similar to the Stix Brothers). Soon full-on chaotic gunfight ensues and the Tax Man is there throughout.

This was a perfect little bundle of stories and it felt great to be reading these again. It really is great to read a comic that is definitely enjoying itself but doing in such a great and enjoyable way. Now the real question is what to read next my options are:
  1. Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 15
  2. Strontium Dog: Traitor to his kind.
  3. Glimmer Rats
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