Book Review 126 // Azrael by Gav Thorpe

Welcome back to another Dark Angel novel. This time we delve into the Chapter Master himself and his rise into the role of Chapter Master. Azrael is 192 pages long and written by a favourite author of mine by Gav Thorpe.

The Dark Angels Chapter sprang from the First Legion of Space Marines to fight and die at the Emperor's side. But over ten thousand years, even the most staunchly loyal warriors of the Imperium can fall from grace, and the Dark Angels guard their own murky secrets most carefully - only Supreme Grand Master Azrael knows them all. A legend among Space Marines, he has fought for centuries and ever at the forefront of battle. Now, with the enigmatically alien eldar as his uneasy and unlikely allies, he must tread the fine line once more between the pursuit of victory, and keeping the Chapter's past safely buried...

Author: Gav Thorpe
Page Count: 192
Publisher: Black Library

Unsurprisingly Azrael is all about the Chapter Master of the Dark Angels. We go back in time to watch him be promoted into the position of Chapter Master. During this time we will see him as the leader of the First Company aka the Deathwing. In this opening act, we have the Dark Angels facing off against a traitorous World, corrupted by the Night Lords. In this action, the previous Grandmaster is slain and Azrael steps forwards as his replacement. He is then put to the test within the Rock to see if he is worthy enough to lead.

There is plenty of action, which I have come to expect of any Space Marine novel. A surprise twist for me is the inclusion of Eldar in the final battle, but it would seem they had a common enemy in the form of the Painted Count. But overall this book should be viewed as a lore filler, it shows how the new commanders are chosen and the role the Watchers in the Dark still play within the chapter. I do find it intriguing that they should show Azrael his past as a way for himself to decide if he deserves to lead or not.

Overall a solid read and I enjoyed it, so it's a win for me. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it and use the links provided to support me and the blog.

Kindle Edition: Azrael

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