Beer Review 139 // Lil' Guy by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company Ottawa

Damn! Sometimes you just try a beer and it hits the right spot. Today's beer did just that. I enjoyed this beer about a week ago with the wife. It's been an interesting time here as Ontario entered another lockdown. Meaning no real changes for me. I have mostly worked all of the COVID period. Luckily for me, Beyond the Pale Brewing Company came to the rescue with a new brew titled Lil' Guy.

Now some of you may not know this, but I actually work for BTP. Does that mean I'm biased? Sure. I wouldn't work for someone I don't like, I do honestly believe they brew some killer beer. This one surprised me, at 3.6% it has a lot of flavours. Poured exactly how I expected for a NEPA, it was a bright hazy yellow with a lovely white fluffy head that hung around. The aroma was bold with big citrus notes from the beautiful fresh hops. On taste, it was like tangerine and lime and went down way too easy. I know it is only 3.6% but I was left satisfied after a can. These would please the most hardened drinker. The taste lingered in a mouthwatering way and I am left wanting more so I feel this is a win.

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