Beer Review 138 // Nebuchadnezzar by Omnipollo

There are some special beers in the world that when I drink them I am taken back to a moment in time. Today's beer does just that. Whenever I drink a Nebuchadnezzar, I am transported back to London UK and working one of my first shifts at Craft Beer Co. Clerkenwell, where one of my co-workers introduced me to Omnipollo and changed my life forever. With this in mind let us enjoy a Nebuchadnezzar together.

“Neb” is a homebrew recipe that has been scaled up with no consideration to economies of scale. Some say idiotic, and as an economist, I would have to agree. Get fresh or die trying.

Awards: Gold medal and "Best of Show" at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2012. Best Swedish Beer 2013 according to Ratebeer. Best Swedish Beer 2012 according to the readers of Allt om Öl. Best Swedish Beer according to On the list of 30 great IPAs to drink before you die at


This version of the beer was brewed in Canada near Toronto and was sold through the Craft Brand Co. team. The pour is a beautiful hazy orange colour, with a beautiful thick white head. The aromas coming off the beer are strong on the malt front, with some bold fruity hops, a big hit of juicy mango. Not going to lie this is also giving off a boozy note, but damn does it all smell delicious. The taste is bold west coast styling, it's bitter and sweet, the fruits are in your face, lots of grapefruit pith, passionfruit and some sticky pine notes. This is a big beer that has a lingering bitterness, coating the mouth in the wonderful hoppy taste. The booziness hits and it is such a wonderful beer, I can't wait to crack the can that is in front of me.

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