Beer Review 137 // Maz by Omnipollo

Got to love a beer by Omnipollo and recently Craft Brand Co. from Toronto made a new to Canada brew. Title Maz this beer used to be called Mazarin, the original brewer Henok calls this the thinker's beer. He wanted to produce a beer that is not over the top complex, and instead is a calm hop palette that doesn't confuse the mind too much. Sitting at 5.6% this Pale Ale is hopefully going to become a good to brew for the summer.

Let us dive into the beer. The beer pours a beautiful bright orange colour, that is stunning in its hazy appearance and has a lively, white bubbly head. The beer is aromatic with a hit of classic citrus notes, gentle melon and a malty caramel backbone. The taste matches the aroma, with a bit more of a hit of tropical fruits and a slightly grassy finish. The lingering finish is mouthwatering and slightly bitter. Overall a great Pale Ale, would definitely buy it again!

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