Beer Review 136 // Bianca Blueberry Maple Pancake by Omnipollo

Excited to be drinking some Omnipollo once again. This time it is a brew I have never had before - Bianca, Blueberry, Maple Pancake. This has been brewed under contract here in Ontario and sold via the Craft Brand Co. in Toronto. Here is their write-up.

An insane amount of wild blueberries balanced by lots of maple with some lactose sugar and rock salt. Also, dry-hopped with mosaic. It is a must-try. ⁣

First up look at the god damn colour on this beer! It is epic. A rich reddish, purple, capped by a pink thick lively head. It looks stunning and so tasty I can't wait to drink it as I attempt to take a picture. The aromas are intense, sugary maple notes with a slight sourness of blueberries. In the taste the maple sweetness hits first covering the mouth in a delightful flavour, this is then quickly cut by a sour hit of blueberry backed up by the salty mouth-drying salt. You can't help but want more and soon it is gone, though seriously delicious this is a beer you can only have one of. Any more of this and I fear your teeth would fall out lol.

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