Audio Review 27 // Garro: Oath of Moment by James Swallow

I must have been a good person in a previous life! As Ontario ends another lockdown I have been gifted with some short audio dramas from Black Library. Amongst the collection, there seem to be a few Garro stories. So I am thinking this should keep me blogging for a bit.

Up first Garro: Oath of Moment by James Swallow.

In surviving the horrors onboard the Eisenstein, Nathaniel Garro proved his courage and absolute loyalty to the Emperor. On his return to Terra, Garro is despatched on a mission of even greater importance – a mission given to him by Malcador the Sigillite himself. He soon finds himself back amongst the stars and on the fields of battle, thrust into a warzone where the Ultramarines are purported to be battling a greenskin invasion. Once again Garro must fight for survival, but now he also fights to achieve a higher purpose...

Here we are the first in a series of Garro spin-offs. The series has actually been collected into a novel, but getting to listen to it as an audio drama seems so much more fun. I've seen a few reviews before of this title and it is described by many as the prologue to the series. Let's be clear it is only an hour-long so I don't expect world-building within this title.

The story drops us into the aftermath of the Battle for Calth. The surviving Ultramarines are attempting to regroup and hold Calth following a devastating assault by the traitorous Word Bearers. We join a group of Ultramarines who are holding the main route to one of the cities, they are horrendously outnumbered and on the verge of being overrun. Into this fatalist scenario, drops Garro, his mission to recruit an ex-librarian space marine.

The story has to move quickly due to the lack of time given to it and I feel they do well within this. The entire story is action-packed from the get-go, with great sound effects and dialogue throughout. You can't help but be drawn in, now at least by the end of this novel Garro is no longer alone. I am excited to see where the stories go.

As always thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on the series. I hope you will use the links below to any purchases made will support the blog. Thanks in advance.

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