Miniature Monday // Strontium Dog: Wulf Sternhammer

Hello, Old Cucumbers! Welcome to another installment of Warlord Games Strontium Dog miniatures. Slowly but surely I am working my way through the full introduction set; The Good, The Bad and The Mutie.

So far I have completed Johnny Alpha, The Gronk, Max Bubba, Brute Mosely, Skull and Impetigo Jones. With Wulf Sternhammer completed I can move onto Lowdown O'Phee and start playing some intro games (excited). After this set is complete I wish to move onto the Mutant General Pack, closely followed by Durham Red. But let's get into Wulf's back story.

Real name: Wulf Sternhammer

Relatives: Olga Sternhammer (mother); Kenton Sternhammer (son)

Place of birth: Scandinavia

Place of death: Smiley's World


Wulf Sternhammer is a character in the Starlord and 2000 AD comic strip Strontium Dog. A great flaxen-haired bear of a man, he was a Viking whose life was saved by the mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha, who had travelled back in time to Wulf's era (793 AD) in search of the sadistic criminal Max Bubba and his gang. Wulf was accidentally transported back to 2175 AD (or thereabouts; accounts vary) by the time bomb Johnny used to capture Max. Because Johnny had saved his life so many times Wulf swore lifelong loyalty to him and became his friend and partner.

The two worked together for fifteen years, with Wulf's good-humoured nature and tremendous strength proving invaluable to the formerly lonely Alpha in his harsh existence. Wulf could work hard when necessary but also knew how to enjoy life, so he was constantly ready with a smile and a joke when things got tough. With the creds they got for capturing Xen the Brainwraith on the planet Burrito, the pair retired to Smiley's World and built a cabin on Moondog Mountain. They then rescued Eleanor Keeble's husband and three children from interstellar slavers for no fee after Johnny took pity on her.

Wulf was eventually murdered by Bubba and his gang when they returned to exact revenge on him and on Johnny; Bubba had the pair staked out under a blazing sun, but Wulf broke free only to die in a hail of bullets.

Powers and abilities

Abilities: Proficient fighter and bounty hunter; can repair robots.

Strength level: Wulf has "the strength of ten" (according to Starlord #9). Ten of what is not specified.

Weaknesses: Ale.

Equipment: Anti-grav chute.

Transportation: His longboat Dragonbreath; Morks; spaceships; skipdip (amphibious vehicle used to navigate swamps).

Weapons: Wulf carried an enormous war hammer which he referred to as his 'Happy Stick', and was also proficient with various weapons from Johnny Alpha's era, such as a Vebley custom hand blaster (with infrared night sight) and thermo bombs.

Notes: Curiously, Wulf, who spoke a kind of mangled English, had a habit of referring to people as "old cucumber."

I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always thank you for stopping by.

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