Miniature Monday // Strontium Dog: Skull

Member number 4 of the Max Bubba gang is now complete. Simply known as Skull this is the weirdest of the characters in my opinion. Here are some official details:


Skull was a member of Max Bubba's gang. He took part in his plan to wipe out humanity, travelling back in time with Bubba to Iceland. He was killed in a fire-fight with Johnny Alpha towards the end — he was shot in the chest several times and stumbled back into a volcanic crater behind him.

Sex: Male
Eyes: White
Unusual Feature: Horned Skull as head
Occupation: Criminal
Known for: Killing people.
Location of Death: Iceland
Weaknesses: Blasters, volcanoes
Paraphernalia/Weapons: Blaster, Time-travelling machine.

From the photographs in the Warlord Games rulebook, Skull is painted in Green and Yellow. A very similar colour palate to Johnny Alpha. Now personally I am not a fan of the colour choice, especially as I want Alpha to stand out on the tabletop. I decided to go a different route, with Skull being a part of Max Bubba's gang, I thought a similar yellow to his coat would work. So with yellow being the dominant colour, I choose red to act as the secondary. This is a colour scheme I really enjoy pairing so expect to see it a lot. With Skull now completed I am left with two models left to paint Wulf Sternhammer and O'Phee. Hopefully, I can have these painted soon and start to do some battle reports!

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