Miniature Monday // Strontium Dog - Impetigo Jones

Here we are with the third member of the Max Bubba gang. Impetigo Jones will soon be causing mayhem alongside Max Bubba and Brute Mosely. Wonder how he will die in my games, compared to the comic?


Impetigo Jones was born a mutant, he was the principal henchman of the villainous Max Bubba, and assisted him in his attempt to destroy human history by going back in time to the Viking era and killing people. His murderous ways eventually caught up with him, but not before he had been complicit in the murder of time-displaced Wulf Sternhammer, earning him the undying enmity of Wulf's friend, Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha, with predictably fatal consequences. Impetigo Jones following being wounded By Johnny Alpha died on a beach being eaten alive by an alien crab lifeform.

Powers and abilities


Breaking the law; having a jolly good try at erasing all of post-Viking history including his own birth.

Strength level

Peak human male.


Won't win any beauty contests; doesn't think things through.

That's three down, two left then Wulf Sternhammer. Once done this I can finally play the actual game. Until then thanks for checking in and if you wish to help support the blog feel free to check out and use the following links:

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