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Right, it's been a while since I read a predator comic. Yet's be honest they haven't been great so far, let's actually be brutally honest, they have been piss poor. I took a break to enjoy some Strontium Dog but it is time to push on with Omnibus 3. 

Bad Blood

Not a great opener to the omnibus. The story starts out interestingly with a Predator that has gone wild/rogue killing its own pack mates. Now hunted by other predators the ship becomes damaged and crashes in America. Here the story becomes seriously bad. Did not enjoy the story at all after this point, was glad to finish it.


A young boy watches his father get killed by a Predator, years later the boy now has his own family but still suffers from nightmares of that time. His home is located in a middle of nowhere town, that has its fair share of issues: drunks, sexist men, gun-wielding rednecks, small-town mindset. Soon the town is thrown into chaos with the arrival of not only a Predator but also a bunch of escaped convicts (whose story arc is unbelievable at best). Better than the first story but I wouldn't say that is much praise.

Hell and Hot Water

A Predator ship makes what seems to be an uncontrolled landing in the Chilean ocean. Special Forces from the USA travel south to investigate. Under the ocean they discover the Predator ship has open a chasm into a prehistoric micro eco-system, filled with creatures from your nightmare. Soon the team realise that the predator is using the humans to discover the fighting traits of soom tentacle/worm like creature. Soon the predator is picking the team off one by one, but it seems to have forgotten about the natives. This was a more interesting story, it actually held my interest and the artwork was fun. Hopefully a turning point for this omnibus.

Strange Roux

The whole story is based around the idea that Cajun's will eat anything, a trio become unwilling prey of a predator and through mostly luck, one of them manages to outsmart the Predator and trap it quicksand, the final panel is the survivour cooking up the Predator in a Gumbo. A weird tale but definitely interesting.

No Beast so Fierce

A very short story, set in an unknown jungle. A widow leads a team of hunters to trackdown the lion that killed her husband. In the ensuring hunt, the hunters become the hunted and soon only the Predator and the lion are left. A fun short story, abit of action and a bit of predator. This seems to be the only style of predator story dark horse can manage.

Bump in the Night

Three kids on an edge of a swamp are exchange horror stories, one then annouces that they have seen an Alien ship! To prove he is not lieing the boy leads the other two into the swamp to investigate. Upon seeing the ship, the kids are amazed to see a predator hanging out. After spying for a while, the kids run home excited beyond belief, but they left a clue for the predator to follow.  The story ends with the predator stood over their tent. A great tale, great artwork and the perfect ending.

Overall a 2.5 out of 5. The longer tales are really poor and the shorter ones more interesting. Only one book left in the series and I am excited to be finished with them. Wish me luck!

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