Comic Review 126 // Warhammer 40,000 Marneus Calgar Issue 4

Feels like we have been away from the Calgar series for ages! The last review was back in December, well it would seem Marvel is over their break and the issues are coming in fast. Here we are the second to last issue of the newly launched Marvel/Games Workshop Collaboration.

THE MAKING OF A SPACE MARINE! Young MARNEUS CALGAR has passed his Space Marine Aspirant testing...but that means the real trial is only just beginning! As Marneus undergoes the rigorous training, excruciating organ implantation and strenuous physical augmentation, he will have to prove that, against all odds, he has what it takes! And in the 41st Millennium, the assault on CALGAR ESTATES reaches a deadly climax!

Titled - Making the Marine, the cover artwork shows Marneus becoming a fully fledge Space Marine. I have high hopes for this issue, so let us jump in.

Starting soon after the ending of issue three, we head to the Calgar Estate which is now in the full throws of open warfare. Marneus is leading the charge and crushing all foes before him, it is during this battle that we get a flashback. During this Marneus meets the other aspirants and begins his training, we follow the trails and see the number of aspirants wither away, soon only Marneus is left standing and heads off to join the Ultramarines. We then get to experience his time as a scout, this section I really enjoyed and truly wish they had spent more time on this period but sadly it was not meant to be.

The issue finishes with Marneus heading to the possible location of the chaos forces. His craft is shot down and when he appears from the downed craft he is surrounded by the forces of Chaos and some old friends seem to be apart of the party.

Only one issue left and I am not sure what can happen in that issue. The highlight of this issue was the scout section, whilst the lowlight was Marneus just single punching a Dreadnought off a building. That whole scene needed to be more epic. I am also left a bit meh by the final revel, it wasn't needed to be honest.

Come back next week for the final issue in the series.

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