Beer Review 131 // Jelly King Raspberry and Blackberry by Bellwoods

Is there anything more exciting than finding out one of your favourite beers is now sold at the LCBO? The answer is no unless they start selling that beer with added fruits! Welcome to this week's beer review and today I am drinking Bellwoods Jelly King - Raspberry and Blackberry edition.

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Right first up the bottle. I personally love Bellwoods art styling, it really is eye-catching and would look great as a wall print. The label colouring is very relevant as it actually matches the beer. The beer is a beautiful plum red in colour, with a lively pink bubbly head. It looks amazing! On the nose, you unsurprisingly get raspberries and an acidic sourness. The taste is like a tart mixed berry compote and it is stupidly delicious. The berries meld together and it makes me think of a delicious fruit crumble and causes the mouth to water the entire time. A highlight for me is the fact that the fruit tastes like fruits, something I love Bellwoods for, they don't cut corners and I appreciate that (nothing worst than lip balm raspberry). But it is not all good, I am disappointed in myself for not picking up one sooner, but hopefully, this delicious brew will be around for a while.

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