Beer Review 135 // Feed Your Gods by Blood Brothers Brewing

This is a fun, exciting beer. When I saw it on the Blood Brothers Brewing Website, I knew I had to buy it. The idea of a Banana, Coconut, vanilla and lactose in a beer, really intrigued me. Let's look over the details:

Imperial Fruited Ale w/ Banana, Coconut & Vanilla • 8% ABV

A new look in the Feed Your Gods lineup. We brewed a soft and pillowy ale with a touch of lactose and conditioned it on banana, coconut and vanilla. Let's just say it's deep and delicious.

This beer was a beautiful pour, a rich orange, thick liquid that caps the beer with a white, full fluffy head. The aroma is sweet candied bananas, with the smell reminding me instantly of Banana yogurt, which for me is actually a pleasant aroma. On the first sip, the banana taste is front and centre, no way to dodge it and completely unapologetic. Then coconut starts appearing in the back end, mixing with hints of vanilla, to produce a pudding cup flavour. Crazy moreish and delicious, but is this actually a beer or is it actually just a booze-fueled smoothie? Overall a great beer, glad I tried it and would recommend everyone to give it a go.

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