Beer 134 // Delicious by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company Ottawa

Thirsty, thirsty Wednesdays. Love it or hate it Wednesdays have become my day of relaxing and drinking. This week I stay local and enjoy a brew that my job produces. Delicious by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company Ottawa, part of their Flash Series brews (meaning one-off or experimental beers). A 5.5% IPA, based on their popular brew Yummy! This beer leans heavily into a hop combination of Simcoe and Idaho 7. It's the second time brewing this one and I feel this tastes even better than the first.

The pour is a beautiful hazed yellow, as you can see in the photo, with a stunning foamy head. Big aroma of stone fruit coming of this beer. In the taste, it is also juicy stone fruit but backed up with some gentle floral grass in the finish. This beer is so damn juicy, my mouth is watering as I sip and it makes me want more.

I highly recommend this beer to anyone in Ontario and Beyond the Pale also ships their brews so you have no excuse to not buy some.

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