Beer 133 // Yuzu Pale Ale by Radical Road

Booze cruise Wednesday. Went on a rare visit to the LCBO this week and picked up a few beers that caught my eye. Among the many was Yuzu Pale Ale by Radical Road Toronto.

Here are the details:

Size: 473 ml Can.

Price: $3.20 plus tax

Commerical Review:

The Radical Road Brewpub located in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood. The Yuzu Pale Ale is brewed with the addition of Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit. This amplifies the citrusy character of the ale, providing lemon-lime flavours on a foundation of sweet malt. The finish is dry, with palate-refreshing carbonation.

Cracked straight from the fridge and served cold into my favourite BTP glass. The pour was a clear golden yellow, with a solid white head. The clarity is quite stunning, I had become used to hazy brews so seeing one so clear is beautiful. Aromas float off the brew with ease, there is a straight-up tropical fruit front and centre. The aromas are then backed up by a floral perfume that nicely rounds it all out. The sip bursts with citrus flavours, it is bright and surprisingly sweet. This flavour soon turns into a bitter finish and the body is lacking, causing the beer to taste more like a non-alcoholic beer.

For 5% this beer is easy drinking, rather light and the citrus helps cleanse the palette. I would really enjoy this on a summer day, whilst on a cold March evening, I have been found wanting. Always worth a try but may wait till summer to try again.

If you are from Ontario, go treat yourself to a can. Cheers to Wednesday and checking in, be sure to say hi in the comments and feel free to sign up to get future notifications and use any of these links to support the blog.

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