Beer 132 // Double Galaxy by Hill Farmstead

Digging into the vault for this week's post. I was lucky enough to drink this just before the COVID shutdowns. For this post, we will visit a Vermont renowned brewery, Hill Farmstead, to enjoy a stubby can of Double Galaxy. The descriptor is short, sweet, and to the point:

A double IPA bittered, flavoured, and dry-hopped exclusively with Galaxy hops. 

As I crack the can, the aroma fills the air, big tropical notes hitting the senses. The pour, is a thick-looking chalky yellow colour, with a slight white cap of tight foam. Going in for a big sniff, the tropical notes make way for traditional citrus notes and a nice classic resin aroma. The first sip causes the mouth to water, it is bursting full of tropical, citrus flavour. As your tongue adjusts, you start to get a little pine and a fresh malt finish, it is very moreish. An amazing brew, which as soon as the borders have reopened and I have my vaccines, I plan on visiting this brewery for a restock.

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