Audio Review 26 // The Eagle's Talon by John French

It's been a couple of weeks since listening to the Iron Corpses. This happened to be a follow-up tale to The Eagle's Talon, so it only felt right to go back and find this introduction tale to listen to. I am intrigued by it especially as it has Imperial Fists front and centre. Here are the details:

The ravaged world of Tallarn now plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind, with the bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors leading war hosts of tanks and Titans across the befouled plains. In desperation, a covert team of Imperial Fists resort to seemingly unthinkable measures in order to regain the upper hand - but will their mission to seize the macro-transporter Eagle's Talon ensure victory, or merely spell doom for their loyal allies on the surface below?

This audio recreates a tense boarding action via a series of linked 'found extracts' of Imperial Fists vox-communications. This unique take on the Black Library audio drama makes for an immersive and gripping listen.

  • Performed by Annie Aldington, Sean Barrett, Luke Thompson and Saul Reichlin
  • Running time 39 minutes
  • Directed by Samuel Gunn
  • Music by Simon Slater
  • Produced by Heavy Entertainment for Black Library

First up this is a nice short listen, I was able to enjoy it during my morning coffee and walk to work. John French once again delivered a fun and captivating listen. The standout point of this story is how it is portrayed, it is based on the reports and recovered vox messages of a group of Imperial Fists attempting to infiltrate a craft called The Eagle's Talon. We get sections where an unknown narrator (maybe an Imperial Fist leader) explains key elements to an unknown listener. I feel like it is definitely being played to someone on the loyalist side, possibly Malcador or a Primarch (which is unclear), as it comments on how rare it is to see Imperial Fist attempting an infiltration mission and that they should not underestimate the Imperial Fists moving forwards (which means it is not Dorn listening). The ending message to destroy all information of the mission and those involved seems hugely shifty (ie. huge cover up). Which just adds to the mystery.

The story itself was intense and the missing mission statements just leads you to try and imagine what is going on. It also shows a slight rift in the Imperial Fist's view point on the war, with two ranked marines discussing their views on the tactics they are about to employ. One believing that this is a Space Marine war and normal humans should be left out of it, this one to me seems to be the real hero, whilst the overall commander seems to be a colder individual declaring all the lives on the planet as being dead already. It is this that truly intrigued me as I feel this spilt is something I did not expect from the Imperial Fists.

Overall a great short story loved it!

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