Audio Book 24 // Iron Corpses by David Annandale

I enjoyed last week's audiobook so much that I felt that I needed to continue on that path. Here enter Iron Corpses by David Annandale. Here is the Black Library official write up:

The ravaged world of Tallarn plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind. The bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors led entire divisions of tanks and war machines across the befouled plains until the macro-transporter Eagle’s Talon plunged to the surface and ended a million lives in a heartbeat. Stranded upon some unnamed, toxic battlefield that now resembles nothing more than a graveyard of Titans, Warsmith Koparnos knows that he has precious little time left – will he find salvation amidst the dead god-machines, or quickly succumb to violent madness?

Narrated by Sean Barrett

Performed by Saul Reichlin, Annie Aldington

Directed by Samuel Gunn

Music by Simon Slater

Produced by Heavy Entertainment

Running Time 39 Minutes 47 seconds

Now the important aspect of the tale is the fact that the story is from the viewpoint of an Iron Warrior. It is enjoyable to see how they regard their new role as the traitor. In this tale we follow Warsmith Koparnos of the Iron Warriors, set soon after the devastation of the detonation of the Eagles Talon. This lone Iron Warrior is left fighting for his life as the newly irradiated, toxic landscape attempts to kill him. As his body attempts to heal, Koparnos has to find a safe space to cleanse himself of the pollutants. Then once healed he can continue his war against the false Emperor.

As he wanders the wastes, Koparnos discovers a titan Warmachine powered down due to the devastation. After breaking inside and purging the poison, Koparnos goes on to corrupt the loyal titan crew. It was almost heartbreaking to listen to the outcome.

The story kept me on my toes and guessing from the start. The story had great pace and considering it is set in the aftermath of a conflict it had plenty of action. Well worth a listen.

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