Miniature Monday // Strontium Dog - Max Bubba

Continuing on my quest to have a completely painted Strontium Dog starter set. This week I turn my gaze upon the main villain Max Bubba. It was a strange model to paint as it was hard to pick out details, his face as per the story is strangely mutated to look burnt, leaving not a lot of detail to focus on. But I did my best with contrast paints and washes and ended up with this. Hope you enjoy and here is Max Bubba's info.


Max Bubba was a mutant criminal who, along with his henchmen Impetigo Jones, Brute Mosely, Skull and their gang, escaped from the 22nd century back to Norway in 793 AD and began to carry out an audacious and frankly insane plan to get revenge on a world that had treated mutants like dirt by killing off future humanity's Viking ancestors and effectively eliminating all of human history (it appeared not to occur to him that he would almost certainly cause himself never to have been born). Bubba was thwarted by the Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha and his ally, a Viking chieftain named Wulf Sternhammer who subsequently travelled back to the future with Alpha and became his partner. Years later, however, Bubba came looking for revenge, killing Sternhammer before dying himself at Alpha's hands.

Powers and abilities

Strength: Peak human male.

Weaknesses: Absolutely mental.

Weapons: Blazooga - a blast style weapon and a handgun.

Bounty: 180,000 creds

I'm excited to have this guy face off against Johnny Alpha soon. But until then thanks for checking in and if you wish to help support the blog feel free to check out and use the following links:

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