Miniature Monday // Cube Head Ugly for Judge Dredd Miniature Gaming.

Welcome back for another miniature Monday. Today I am showcasing a quick and easy paint job. Spent at best 30 minutes on this and used a lot of contrast paints to get it done. The model itself is a 1985 Games Workshop, Judge Dredd miniature, known as Cube Head. Part of the JD RPG game line, he was number 13 out of 16. My goal for him and a few other models is to create citizen crowds to act as cannon fodder or hindering terrain features. I don't plan on spending much time on these as they are more scene filler than focus, but hopefully fun enough to look at from 3ft.

Here is some background to these unusual citizens of Mega-City One.

The Uglies are citizens who wish to artificially uglify themselves to achieve a unique appearance. Followers use uglification products or body modification to enhance their ugliness or negate their attractiveness.


Otto Sump, a hideously unattractive person, was chosen to tell his tragic life story on a talk show. He made such an impression on the viewers that he received a huge cash prize. He used his winnings to found a cosmetics company. However, his skewed sense of beauty meant that he made products that made the user ugly. Sump's celebrity, however, made him a fashion plate. His customers sought to emulate his ugliness, making Sump very wealthy.

Sump Products

Bulgetrex: Makes eyes redden and swell.

Bogle Drops: Nose drops that induce runny nose and snot-production.

Flabbon: Adds layers of cellulite.

Fuzz: Grows body hair.

KwikLime Shampoo: Burns off the hair at the roots.

Lip Chapper: Chaps lips.

Pimplex: Pimple-inducing cream.

Sump Paste: Creates cavities in teeth.

Wart-On: Wart-inducing cream.

Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this quick and dirty miniature post. Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts; what companies miniatures do you use to represent standard citizens in sci-fi games?

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