Comic Review 125 // Strontium Dog: The Final Solution

We have reached the final book of the original Strontium Dog series. As I reach this issue I am left feeling a little sad that it is going to end. I know that more stories have been made and that the adventure continues but for now I am reaching the end. It has been fun reading these all back to back and I am happy to have completed the set now.

Strontium Dog: The Final Solution

A short book when compared to some before, it has a total of 160 pages. But where this book differs is the fact that it is one long story. It continues on from the final tale in last week's omnibus. In that final tale, Johnny Alpha aided in the recovery of a relic, which happens to be a magically infused skull that acts as a gateway to 'Another World".

This device has now become a tool for the New Church, which is violently taking over Great Britain, with its military strength. They are also able to manipulate the population with their popular viewpoint on the mutant problem. This priesthood has created the 'Final Solution', using the relic to open a gateway to another dimension and offering the mutants a new life on the other side. The issue is no one actually knows what is there as no one has ever come back. Of course, the mutants aren't keen on being explorers and soon they are being herded up by the military and forced through the portal.

During these round-ups, one mutant manages to get a message off to Johnny Alpha and with the aid of Middenface McNulty, they go to investigate. Here they discover the young mutant called Feral who tells them what is going on and that it is all being lead by Sagan. A 'Norm' who holds a strong grudge against Alpha (for reasons that are a big spoiler). Soon Alpha and Feral are captured and forced to go through the portal and discover first hand what is on the other side. Here they discover a Chimera style monster killing the mutants and it is up to Alpha to make the ultimate sacrifice to get his fellow mutants back to Earth.

Whilst on Earth McNulty manages to escape and alert the other Strontium Dog's to what is happening and together they lead the mutant populas against the Church in all out war.

The story itself is very enjoyable if different, the artwork is a bit off putting and jarring at times and I really miss the cleaner styling of the earlier books. It is actually hard to tell who is a mutant and who is a norm at times due to the art style. I can definitely see why this story upset a lot of people and why they have attempted to the right the wrongs caused by this story.

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