Beer Review 130 // Nanaimo Imperial Stout Collaboration.

Time for an exciting brew. Back about two years ago, three breweries collaborated in Boston to produce Nanaimo Imperial Stout. The creation of Trillium Brewery, Bellwoods Brewery and the amazing Evil Twin Brewing. Now I missed out on that beer and it broke my heart! Luckily for me, they rereleased it, but this time it was available from Toronto, and I was able to get my mitts on some. Let's dive in.

First up appreciate that pour, super black pour capped by a espresso brown thick head. It looks stunning in this Evil Twin glass. This smells boozy which is no surprise as it is 10%, lots of chocolate and vanilla up front. On the first sip I realise I poured it too cold and it is hiding some flavours but already I am getting a dark chocolate and vanilla hit, but I painfully sit it to the side to allow it to warm up.

5 minutes we are starting to some honey in the finish and a little coconut, this is such an indulgent beer, it is crazy tasty. By the half way point the beer has hit peek temp, we are getting the full flavour profile now, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey, cinnamon and a boozy warmth. This is an epic beer! Truely made by people at the top of their game and who can produce a beer that actually delivers on the flavour profile it is describing itself as. This beer goes way to fast for a 10 % and I am left hollow at the end of it knowing and regretting that I hadn't purchased more.

Next time I stock up, next time I will make the right life choice, next time!

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