Beer Review 129 // Omnipollo Prodromus Imperial Stout

Well, it should be no surprise that I love Omnipollo. Ever since I started my true craft beer adventures in London, I have loved Omnipollo. This brewer is experimental, adventurous and truly one of a kind. This time we get to experience Prodromus, Imperial Stout:

Omnipolo is an award-winning beer producer founded in 2011. This imperial stout is opaque black, with a creamy head. It has aromas and flavours of coffee, nuts, dark chocolate, vanilla and graham cracker. Notes of butterscotch and toffee on the mid-palate lead to a full-bodied and balanced finish. - Craft Brand Co.

First up check out that pour. A beautiful black pour, with a thick, luxurious chocolate head. The aroma is to die for, strong aromas of dark chocolate, a little nutty coffee and a sweet vanilla finish. The taste is everything I love and adore, it is chewy in the mouth, rich, smooth and sweet. Delicious notes of the chocolate and graham cracker early on, make way for butterscotch and toffee as it starts to warm up. The level of booze is high at 11.5% and this is purely a sipping beer, but what a sipper. I adored it and though not a beer for every night of the week, it sure does make for a special treat every once and a while.

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  1. In your view, is Prodromus suitable for aging or is it best consumed fresh?

    1. Best consumed fresh. It is a very sweet beer and sugars left to age would definitely mess around with the flavours. May have to test it.


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