Beer Review 128 // Peche Mortel Jameson 2020

It's been a hot minute since I last reviewed a Dieu Du Ciel beer. So to re-enter the world of this Montreal brewery, I chose a beer I had been saving for a while; Peche Mortel - Jameson 2020 edition. A hearty 9.5% brewed with Coffee and aged with Jameson whiskey.

Now for those who haven't read my old review of a basic Peche Mortel, please take the time to have a read. This post was done way back in 2017 (link). But it is from this base that the Coffee/Jameson brew is formed. The aroma is straight up whiskey and is all classic Jameson notes, a fruitiness, nuts, vanilla and wood. To this aroma base, we then get a little coffee and some chocolate, roasted malts. It smells so good. On the first sip, the tongue explodes with flavour. Coffee is the dominant flavour this time, pushing aside the whiskey, there is also a boozy warmth to this which is very welcomed. The mouthfeel is sticky and clings to the mouth, which leaves a lingering taste that is just delicious. This was truly a treat to enjoy, I am hoping they make this version again and if they do I will be all over it!

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