Beer Review 127 // Cosmic Latte by Beyond the Pale

Hang on Peps! Didn't you already review this beer? Why yes, yes I did (See here). But this is a new version of this beer. The coffee has changed, the label has changed, so time for a review.

Let's start with the label, it's been updated, it's been done by a professional and it looks great. Beautiful metallic and sparkly label. But how does it change? Well, this time they use Izere Coffee rather than Equator Coffee. We still have all the delicious pale malts, oats for smoothness and cocoa nibs for flavour. It pours beautifully, nice crisp white head, clear yellow pour, looks so nice in a glass. The aroma is coffee with a slight hint of chocolate in the background. The mouthfeel is smooth, creamy and full-bodied. The taste is dominantly coffee, which as the tongue gets used to it becomes more chocolatey, the bitterness is gentle and doesn't linger, slightly dry in a positive way as it makes you want more! This has been my go-to drink for January and I highly recommend you try this if you get the chance.

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Get the Glass: Beyond the Pale Logo Glass

Get the beer if in Ontario: Cosmic Latte

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