Audiobook 23 // The Long Night: The Horus Heresy Series by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

I've been gifted, of late, a few audio titles, and among them was The Long Night. The cover says it all it is a Night Lord story written by the talented Aaron Dembski-Bowden. The running time is 42 minutes and is set slightly further ahead than where I am currently reading. But the warp is a fickle beast, so any spoilers discovered will soon be uncovered anyways.

Here is the official write up:

The Dark Angels and the Night Lords fought one another to a bloody stalemate during the Thramas Crusade and, though the Lion eventually claimed victory, it left both Legions scattered and under-strength. Jago Sevatarion, First Captain of the Night Lords, languishes in a gaol cell in the heart of Ultramar. Far from a spent force, the Night Lords must consider where their loyalties lie, and what path they will take in the days and months to come.

Wow. That was an impressive 42 minutes, I actually went back and listened to it again. That is how much I enjoyed it. The audio quality and performance were excellent and it captivated me from the get-go. We join Jago Sevatar's imprisonment on a Dark Angels warship, which we discover later is the Invincible Reason, the DA's Flagship. Here we find out he is being interrogated/tortured by his captors and through this process, they have weakened his mental resolve and he is hearing voices in his dreams. But soon, the voices are leaking into his waking hours and Jago believes he is losing it. Turns out Jago has a secret, a secret he and the primarch tried to hide, but it is a secret that will save Jago's life...maybe?

Now, if I tell you more, I will spoil the story, which is something I don't wish to do. What I will say is that this tale opened my eyes to a larger view of the Night Lords. It is easy to believe them to be murderers and ruthless killers, but in their minds, they are the only sane ones left in a galaxy gone crazy. They are the judges of right and wrong and they are justice. A truly great piece and well worth the listen.

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