Comic Review 120 // Predator Omnibus Volume Two

And like that, it is the last comic of January. Wow, this month went by quickly. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this chaotic time? Today's comic review is Predator Omnibus Volume Two by Dark Horse. Here the company line on this issue:

Trophy hunters from another world, hiding in plain sight, drawn to heat and conflict. A historical scourge, lethal spectres, powerful, savage, merciless. Utilizing their feral instincts and otherworldly technology in the sole pursuit of the most dangerous game... Man. Whether haunting the blazing deserts of the Southwest, stalking the claustrophobic woods of the Pine Barrens, or infiltrating a maximum-security prison, the Predators take no prisoners and leave only death in their grisly wake. But even these bestial killing machines can meet their match when men swallow their fear and channel their own primal rage... and the hunter becomes the hunted!

Predator Omnibus Volume 2 continues the complete presentation of these comics classics-some never before collected-featuring over three hundred gripping pages in full colour, penned by a who's-who of top writers.

Sounds impressive right? And for the most part, it actually was. We start with Big Game a fun enough action story, where we see a single predator pretty much tear his way through an entire army base. Though a great opening story, I did find artwork jarring at times. 

This was followed by God's Truth a tale too short to be interesting, full of characters that had no time to connect to the reader and when it got interesting it ended, disappointing. 

Race War - A weird crime series with a predator, and a crack team of cops who decide to capture a living predator (umm lousy idea). Their target though has better plans and decides to use a local prison as it's hunting ground - soon inmates are being slaughtered and an uneasy truce is formed between the rival factions. This story went on for far too long, it read like a bad 80's movie.

The Hunted City - Sets us in Manhattan during the 1940s at a guess. We have old-world gangsters and Tommy guns taking on a Predator. Though not super original it was fun enough and I enjoyed the read and the Hellboy style noir artwork.

Blood on Two-Witch Mesa - Has us returning to the opening story arc, along with its lead Enoch. Since his encounter with the Predator, Enoch's life has unravelled, he has been dishonourably discharged from the army and forced into silence. Enoch now works as a pump jockey, as his dreams still haunt him you can't help but feel bad for the guy. It would also seem he is not the first in his family to meet a Predator! Soon the tale is told of Enoch's grandfather and his predator experience. This is a solid story and rather interesting, a strong contender for the best tale. 

Invaders of the Fourth Dimension - Set in 1959 and playing into the whole B-Movie genre. A young child wearing 3d glasses manages to see through the predator's cloaking device and steal some of the predator's equipment. Soon chaos is unleashed as the Pred attempts to track the kid down and recover his gear. Whilst this is happening a B-Movie is being launched and everyone seems to believe the Pred is a promotion stunt. A very good story, really enjoyed this one.

1718 - Final tale and by far my favourite. I a short one-shot involving pirates. Following a mutiny, a pirate captain is fleeing through an Island jungle being chased by his former crew. As things seemed lost the pirates are ambushed by a Predator. Soon the Pred and Captian are fighting back to back and a mutual bond is formed due to the combat. As the Pred and the Captain finally face-off, the captain is shot in the back by a cowardly pirate. The predator has his revenge and buries the captain before honouring the dead pirate by leaving his blade as a grave marker. A simple tale perfectly executed. Great story.

This book seems a stronger offering than the first and is a worthy 4 out of 5. It had some failings as far artwork goes, but most of the stories had strong plots and were enjoyable reads. Hopefully, the quality can continue and not slip like the Aliens series.

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