Book Review 112 // Burned by Darius Hinks

Look at us in 2021. New year, fresh starts and a strong start to the book reading. Book eight of my Necromunda short stories and this time the book is titled Burned by Darius Hinks.

The story follows a trio of Goliaths who in the past discovered a very important relic; knowing the heat would be on them they broke the relic into three pieces and went their separate ways. Unfortunately, one of the trios fell into a furnace never be seen again and the other two drifted apart. Speed forward to the present timeline and it turns out the dead Goliath has returned and it is time to reunite the relic.

I enjoyed the 19-page adventure. We discover the relic, is in fact, a set of Dark Angels wings. I also enjoyed the fact that one Goliath grew tired of his third and sold out to the Cawdors and I enjoyed a story arc that has been overused and is very obvious from the get-go. But that is the joy of a short story, it is short. Read it, enjoy it and then move on. Ultimately just a fun quirky adventure. A great 3.5 out of 5.

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