Beer Review 126 // Cowbell Double Exposure

New brewery to blog, Cowbell Brewery. Located in Blyth Ontario, this brewery has been making waves. I was kindly gifted this brew by my co-worker and I am excited to see how it tastes. Enter stage left Double Exposure New England DIPA.

According to the official write up, this is a dangerously delicious New England-style Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA. Sultana and Huell Melon hopped hopefully giving it citrus and tropical aroma. Similar to a can of pineapples.

The pour is a hazy, golden yellow and is capped beautifully with a thick white head, looks great in a glass. Definitely, a strong hoppy aroma coming off this. It is strong and potent. Citrus is in the forefront and a slight tang which has me thinking back to the can of pineapple comment above. The taste is tangy, sharp and lip-puckering. The hops are green, very flavourful to the point of overpowering in my opinion and I could have possibly sat on this can for another week and had a brew more suited to my pallet. Flavours of ripe oranges and grapefruit hit straight away, followed by a lingering roof of the mouth hop burn.

Ultimately not a bad beer and I am very glad to have tried it. I would love to get hold of another can that is older (maybe try and find in an LCBO) and compare it in taste. If you enjoy bold, hop-forward beers I highly recommend treating yourself to one of these. Let me know if you have had this brew and drop me a comment below.

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