Beer Review 125 // Raspberry Universe - Saison by Great Lakes Brewery.

Beer glorious beer. I do enjoy a beer, and it is with this in mind, that for 2021, I am slowing down my drinking. Moving forwards, I am only enjoying a drink on a Wednesday and a Saturday. Why? Because I want to, I want to blog more about comics and figures and not feel the pressure of posting up a new beer picture every day of the week. Now that we are three weeks into January, I am comfortable admitting I like this change. This week I am looking at Great Lakes Brewery from Toronto.

Great Lakes have produced in the past some of my favourite go-to brews, especially Octopus wants to Fight IPA. Meaning, when I had the chance to try Raspberry Universe, I jumped at it. Now, I slightly wished I read the label first. I was hoping for a sour or a fruited IPA. Instead, I got a Saison. For those who have followed my reviews, you will know by now I dislike a Saison yeasted beer. Something about either the spice or the flavouring of this yeast puts me off a beer. But hey, I had the beer so may as well try it.

The pour was beautiful as you can see in the picture. Bright beautiful red, capped by pink foaming head. The aroma is sweet raspberries and a candy/bubblegum hit (that is when I realized my Saison error). The taste was a little lacklustre across the board. I wanted more raspberry tartness, I wanted some lip-puckering, instead, it is gentle throughout. Very light, a little too sweet and just okay. Not bad in any way, just missed the mark for me like a lot of Saison do. Nothing against the brewery or the beer, just not for me.

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Visit the Great Lakes Brewery website.

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