Beer Review 124 // Bellwoods Donkey Venom

Sometimes a beer name stands out, other times it is the design. Well with Donkey Venom, it was both. The name seems childishly comically but when combined with a donkey head snake, I knew I had to buy it. Produced in the heart of Toronto, Canada by Bellwoods. Donkey Venom is a barrel-aged Dark Sour and comes in at 8.5%. From the commercial description it sounds like a lot of dark malts, fruits and brett are combined with this recipe to create something unique.

It pours like a lively porter, dark, dark brown body with a lively mocha coloured head. It looks delicious in the glass and very tempting. The aroma is similar to a stout, with coffee, chocolate leading the way, along with a burnt note (not very good at describing that). The taste is definitely tart. There is a sweetness running through the beer similar to caramel, then chocolate malts, a dark fruit flavours like cherries. A pretty delicious brew across the board.

Let me know if you have had this brew and drop me a comment below.

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