Audio Review 16 // Eisenhorn - Xeno By Dan Abnett

Feels nice to be listening to some Audiobooks once again. I feel this is something I need to start getting back into, so hopefully doing the odd blog post will help. If you have any recommendations for podcasts or audiobooks please do drop me a comment and let me know. This time we delve into the realms of Dan Abnett and his Eisenhorn series. A beloved character by many (including myself), I first read this novel when it came out. I have been meaning to re-read for so long but it deeps eluding my reading list but no more! After picking up the audible app I knew I had to pick a winner and what better than this.

Xenos - Book 1 in the Eisenhorn series


The Inquisition moves amongst mankind like an avenging shadow, striking down the enemies of humanity with uncompromising ruthlessness. When he finally corners an old foe, Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is drawn into a sinister conspiracy. As events unfold and he gathers allies - and enemies - Eisenhorn faces a vast interstellar cabal and the dark power of daemons, all racing to recover an arcane text of abominable power: an ancient tome known as the Necroteuch.

Written by Dan Abnett

Audiobook running time 9 hours and 56 minutes. Narrated by Toby Longworth


Best 10 hours of my life. I mainly enjoyed this reading whilst walking to and from work. Before we delve into the story aspect, I just want to be clear and state how much I enjoy a Toby Longworth read story. Anyone who has heard one of his audiobooks will attest to how good he is absorbing you into the tale. Very relaxing, very entertaining.

The book/story is amazing. What we have here in the first title in a series, is a well planned and thought-out galaxy-spanning web of intrigue. We start off on a hell hole of an ice-world experiencing first hand Eisenhorn and his team in action (a strong cast of characters), there is blood, gore, death aplenty. Pure 40k at it's best. What seems like a small localized case starts growing and developing into a more sinister plot. We get to travel worlds on a creepy rogue trader vessel, discover plots to undermine governments using military forces, religious power bases, forbidden lore and Xeno tech. A lot of info is thrown at the listener at a pace that keeps your attention without feeling rushed or overwhelmed, some knowledge of 40K is helpful but not needed. The descriptive use of first-person retelling is a great way to get you into the story as you do feel like you are in someone's memories rather than watching from afar. Got to admit I am hooked.

It was a completely enjoyable listen, made better by Toby Longworth and has me eyeing up the next in the series. As always drop me a comment, or sign up for email notifications of posts. Using any of these links provided also helps to support my blogging adventures. Cheers!

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