Audio Book 18 // Trollslayer by William King

As I looked for inspiration on what to listen to next, I remembered fondly, my Warhammer Quest adventure days as a teenager (20+ years ago). Wanting to reignite that excitement, I searched for a classic Warhammer story, which of course lead me to William King's Trollslayer. Trollslayer is a collection of short stories designed to introduce the reader to the main characters: Felix a human bard/warrior and Gortek a shamed Dwarf warrior seeking his doom.

Diving into the short stories we start with a creepy human sacrifice story involving the Chaos Gods, setting the tome for the work. This is going to be a gory, battle filled trip. We follow the pair as they move through tales and the realm of men starting within the Border Princes region and then up into the Empire heading to Nuln. Throughout this, we get to view the world through two very different sets of eyes, and it is a rewarding experience. We have Felix, who still sees the chance of a real life, he falls in love, he loses love, but ultimately due to his honour aways stays besides Gotrek. Whilst Gotrek, seems to be a one dwarf wrecking ball on a suicidal quest, but he isn't one dimensional in the slightest and even has a soft side, as he struggles to admit he enjoys the comradeship of Felix. It is these two playing off against each other, that really makes the stories. It is through these small very realistic moments of brotherhood, that King is able to bring the Warhammer World to life, reminding me why I loved it so much back in the day.

This has definitely sparked my interest in listening to more of the series, which I believe moves away from the short story format into a more rounded fuller stories. This excites me as I want to delve into the characters more, which you can't do with a short story. You are just expected to assume things about the characters and except that they aren't completely formed individuals. We will see where this take us moving into 2021.

Solid opening novel that was lacking in parts, the voice acting was great and for the time it was written this was the height of Warhammer Lore. I have to give this a 3.5 out of 5. Solid piece but I need more character info to want to commit to loving it. As always drop me a comment, or sign up for email notifications of posts. Using any of these links provided also helps to support my blogging adventures. Cheers!

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