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Project Craftworlds is building up steam, I can say that as I now as I have two completed. If you haven't read about the plan please head to the Craftworld Project Page. I will be attempting to paint at least one model to represent each Aeldari craftworld (where possible), and I will also try to capture key details about each sect, using online sources and through doing this expand my own Aeldari knowledge a bit more.


- Rebirth of Ancient Days.

Location - Segmentum Tempestus/Ultima Segmentum border. Now fractured.

Colours - White and Green.

Favoured Units - Aspect Warriors

Rune Meaning -  The Reborn: This rune stands for the principle of reincarnation, a fate thought to have befallen every Eldar before the Fall. The symbol denotes the craftworld of Biel-Tan, whose name means 'Rebirth of Ancient Days'. For them, winter has fallen on the Eldar but the Biel-Tan are convinced that spring will soon return.

The Biel-tan Craftworld is famous for its inhabitants' militancy; it is home to more Aspect Warriors than any other craftworld.

The Eldar of Biel-tan are honourable warriors, who have taken it upon themselves to rebuild the lost glory of the ancient Eldar empire, through the destruction of the lesser races who have "usurped" the galaxy, and believe it is glorious to die fighting the enemies of the Craftworld. At the centre of Biel-tan is the Chamber of Heroes where the spirit stones of dead Aspect Warriors are placed. Farseers often come to this room to consult the dead on courses of action.

As well as their traditional colours of green and white, the forces of Biel-Tan sport patterns of dark thorny ivy.

When the Eldar of Biel-Tan goes to war they assemble a warhost known as the Bahzhakhain, which means "Swordwind", "Tempest of Blades" or Frozen Leaves Falling to Cut. The Swordwind's tactic is a single, swift strike taking the enemy by surprise. This tactic works considerably well with the elite fighting skills of the many Aspect Warriors eliminating the enemy before they can respond. The Biel-Tan, therefore, makes perfect use of the speed and maneuverability of the Wave Serpents and Falcon Grav Tanks.

Structure of a Swordwind

Biel-Tan Command

  • Autarch
  • Avatar of Khaine
  • Wraithgate - Functions as a Webway portal to bring Biel-Tan forces quickly onto a battlefield.

Biel-Tan Craftworld Hosts

Aspect Warrior Warhost - Consists of Aspect Warrior squads chosen from the following: Dire Avengers, Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons, Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, Swooping Hawks, Shining Spears.

Aeldari Guardian Warhost - Consists of one Farseer and Guardian squads. Sometimes this warhost includes Support Weapon Platforms, Wraithguard units and Wraithlords. This formation is traditionally mounted in Wave Serpents.

Biel-Tan Craftworld Troupes

Ranger Troupe - Eldar Rangers and Outcasts.

War Walker Troupe.

Windrider Troupe.

Falcon Troupe.

Fire Prism Troupe.

Night Spinner Troupe.

Engines of Vaul Troupe - Scorpion, Cobra, Storm Serpent or Voidspinners (or any combination of these).

Biel-Tan Craftworld Spacecraft, Aircraft & Titans

Aeldari Spacecraft - One Wraithship or one Dragonship.

Warlock Titan - One Warlock Titan.

Revenant Titan - One Revenant Titan.

Nightwings, Phoenix Bombers, Vampire Raider. - One Vampire Raider.

Biel-Tan Persona

  • Anath'lan - Anath'lan was once one of Biel-Tan's most skilled Farseers. Alas, pride caused him to misread the runes, dooming a Maiden World to a bitter demise. Unable to forgive himself, Anath'lan died of grief. His Spirit Stone refused to bond with the Infinity Circuit and guides other Aeldari away from error to this day.
  • Avele Swifteye - Known as the Duke of Asteri Reach, Avele Swifteye leads a Corsair fleet out of Biel-Tan craftworld and has continued Biel-Tan's pledge to protect the Maiden Worlds from settlement by lesser races. Swifteye has been known to display the greatest compassion to his defeated enemies if it pleases him to do so. On the world of Yrthal, Avele destroyed half a dozen Human settlements before the fledgling Imperial colony surrendered. He took the surviving forty thousand colonists to a nearby habitable moon, keeping them in stasis aboard his ships while they shuttled back and forth in short warp jumps, and promised that no further hostilities would be taken against them if they did not stray back to Yrthal.
  • Macha - Macha is a powerful Aeldari Farseer psyker who had originally sealed a Greater Daemon in the Chaos artifact called the Maledictum on the world of Tartarus. She later sought to prevent its unwitting release by the agents of Mankind. Later events indicate that her destiny had become intertwined with that of Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens Space Marines Chapter.
  • Mauryan - Mauryon is a militant Autarch who leads campaigns to purge non-Aeldari presences off Exodite Worlds and Maiden Worlds. A former warrior of the Fire Dragons Aspect Shrine, Mauryon is filled with burning rage and hatred of the "lesser species" that now inhabit these worlds. He has led many a ruthless campaign to purge these "infestations" of both Orks and Humans. One of his greatest challenges came in the early 41st Millennium during the Baran War, where the Autarch managed to defeat both a detachment of Raven Guard Space Marines and an Ork horde under Warboss Snagga-snagga.
  • Tyladrhas - Farseer Tyladrhas is known for leading a Biel-Tan Warband against an Ultramarines Space Marine force.
  • Tagtrill - Like many of the Biel-Tan bloodlines, Tagtrill is a militant Autarch who leads campaigns to purge non-Aeldari presences off Exodite Worlds and Maiden Worlds. As a former warrior of both the Striking Scorpions and Swooping Hawk Aspect Shrines, Tagtrill is filled with a patient hatred of the "lesser species" that now inhabit her birthright worlds. She specializes in stealth actions and has been known to wipe out entire "threats" in well-coordinated dawn raids involving Striking Scorpions aided by Swooping Hawks. Since the sundering of Biel-Tan, Tagtrill has been active throughout the maiden worlds, forming Exodite militia to help stem the tide of feral invaders and seeks out Ynnari whenever possible believing them to be the future of the entire Aeldari race.

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