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The new Craftworld project is underway! I will attempt to paint a model to represent each Aeldari craftworld (where possible). I will also try to capture key details about each sect, using online sources and hopefully through doing this expand my own Aeldari knowledge a bit more.



Alaitoc - Unknown meaning

Location - Ultima Segmentum

Colours - Blue and Yellow

Favoured Units - Rangers, Pathfinders

Rune Meaning - The Doom of Eldanesh: Eldanesh was an Eldar hero who was slain by the jealous war god Khaine. The symbol of Alaitoc depicts the sword of Khaine bisecting the Red Moon, the sign of Eldanesh. The Red Moon is an ill-omen for most Eldar and the Alaitoc use it to remind them of what happens if mortals offend the gods.

Alaitoc is a major Asuryani craftworld, known for having spread its influence further afield than any other Craftworld. Their agents spread across the galaxy acting as its eyes and ears.

On the battlefield its forces favour stealth and misdirection over brute force, killing silently and with guile wherever they can.

The world-rune of Alaitoc depicts the sword of Khaine bisecting the Red Moon; the sign of the House of Eldanesh, borne in grim memory of the act that brought about the War in Heaven in Aeldari Mythology. The Red Moon is an ill omen for the Aeldari even now, used as a reminder of the fate of mortals who offend the gods.

Alaitoc and its forces are associated with the colours blue and yellow (blue primary and yellow secondary). The Craftworld is known to be currently located in the Ultima Segmentum that was once the heart of the ancient Aeldari Empire.

Notable Alaitoc Aeldari

Alladrios Kulcassian - A Farseer of Alaitoc, Alladrios had great fear and hatred for the Officio Assassinorum's Culexus Temple. He coordinated a centuries-long effort to locate and destroy this temple. Through unknown means, he discovered the location of this elusive temple and despatched the Legacy of Eldanesh, a Shadow-class Cruiser. However, using his precognitive powers to see the skeins of the future, he discovered to his utter amazement that the temple's destruction would lead to the annihilation of Alaitoc. Choosing the lesser of two evils, he called off the attack and recalled the cruiser to return home.

Arhathain - A notable Autarch of Alaitoc, he formerly studied in the Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers and Howling Banshees Aspect Warriors shrines. As an Autarch, he would go on to command Aeldari strike forces against the Orks on the Exodite world of Eileniliesh and in the eradication of humans from an unnamed world which the craftworld's Farseers predicted would one day bring the threat of Chaos to Alaitoc. Arhathain would later lead the forces of Alaitoc in the defence of their craftworld when it was invaded by the military forces of the Imperium.

Eldorath Starbane - A notable Farseer of Alaitoc who led a small group of Rangers to aid the beleaguered Chapter Master Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fists Chapter against a large force of Orks -- remnants of WAAAGH! Snagrod -- at the Battle of Traitor's Gorge on Rynn's World. He would later lead the valiant defence of Carnac from a large force of Necrons, led by Trazyn the Infinite, though in the end, the slumbering tomb complex beneath Carnac awoke, forcing the Aeldari forces to withdraw from the planet.

Illic Nightspear - Illic Nightspear is an Aeldari Ranger of Craftworld Alaitoc and has wandered the Path of the Outcast for thousands of years, striding the skeins of fate and seeking out the unknown paths that span the galaxy. He is known to different Ranger bands by many different titles; the Sentinel of the Stars, the Wayforger, and the Shield of Alaitoc. To Illic, one name is as good as another. Such is Nightspear's knowledge of the Webway that it is said by the Aeldari that he can arrive unheralded upon any planet, stepping through its portals and out across the galaxy with the ease of a man drawing breath. Whilst this is undoubtedly an exaggeration, Illic clearly knows more of the hidden paths than any other living being save the Harlequins themselves. Indeed, some say that he knows too much.

Kayleth - Kayleth is an Aeldari Autarch of Craftworld Alaitoc. A superb, yet pragmatic warrior, Kayleth is a master tactician, having spent many centuries mastering all aspects of warfare. Her main focus in battle is on victory and how best to achieve it for her people. She led a strike force of Aeldari to Typhon Primaris in order to prevent the realization of an ancient prophecy that implied the imminent destruction of this world.

Fialla-Thandiriel - Fialla-Thandiriel is an ancient but potent Wraithseer -- a Warlock in life -- whose mortal spirit now resides within the Wraithbone matrix of a Wraithlord. Rare and precious beyond compare, the Wraithseers are to the Aeldari's spirit host what a Warlock is to its Aspect Warriors and Guardians -- a war-leader. As such they are precious indeed, and each loss is keenly felt and rarely can they be risked upon the battlefield. It was while searching the Webway, and the worlds that lie beyond it, for the missing Wraithseer Fialla-Thandiriel that Alaitoc's Rangers discovered the portal that led them to the lost craftworld of Mymeara.

Personal Character.

Alaiteir: Alaiteir is a newly raised Farseer on Craftworld Alaitoc. A headstrong, aggressive farseer and untested in the skeins of fate compared to the rest of the ruling council. Alaiteir and his household guard are at the forefront in most engagements and it was due to this behaviour that Alaiteir had to be saved from a Genestealer infested world. Unlucky for Alaitoc he was saved by the actions of Silar Dathelith of Iyanden. Since then the council of Alaitoc has questioned Alaiteir's motives, as he is now seen constantly in the company of Iyanden crews and corsairs at the harbour gates and mysteriously disappears for cycles before returning with injured brethren. It would seem this bright Farseer is now a pawn of Iyanden.

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