Miniature Monday // Warlord Games - Strontium Dogs - Build A Mutie

New Youtube video today! Tried my hand at unboxing a Warlord Games - Strontium Dogs - Build A Mutie boxset. A fun box full of enough parts to build five mutants with an assortment of weapons. I got through the initial opening and building, and then plan on doing a second video for painting once I have the chance.

The five mutant combinations I went with:

  1. Tentacle armed, nose on the forehead with an axe.
  2. Vampire/bat head, chainsaw.
  3. Two-headed, big nose, horn, tall, pistol and mantis arm.
  4. Lumpy head and blaster.
  5. Bullhead, pistol and club.
I just need names for them all, got a suggestion. Drop them in the comments.

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