Book Review 111 // Scar Crossed by Nick Kyme

Romeo and Juliet reimagined for a new generation of Necromunda fans.

The story starts off in a down and out bar in the underhive. The zealots of House Cawdor are on a purging spree and praying upon a drunk in the corner. In an attempt to save his life, the drunk offers to tell a story of love in exchange for his life. The story involves the Scar-Kings of House Goliath and the Razor Queens of House Escher, who have been in a bitter war for years. In this mix of rivalry, we have a loving couple. After being caught they knew their time was up and attempt to escape, but to make it out they need cash. Here enters a lost archotech horde, a ton of backstabbing, deaths, gunfights and betrayal. Before a heart-wrenching ending.

This was a rare and unique story for Black Library, considering it is a love story. Nick Kyme definitely sucked me into the tale and had me wishing it was longer than 20 pages. Now the real question is how long can I hold off not buying a Necromunda gang?

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