Book Review 109 // Emp-rah’s Eye by Guy Haley

I seem to be stuck in the deep, dark hive domes of Necromunda. The lore is intriguing and the setting just so grimdark. Written two years ago and 25 pages long, this story is taking us into a section rarely visited by the Necromunda lore - The Ratskins.

We learn of Two Tails, the "Story Singer" of the Five Hands tribe. It would seem Two Tails is dying of old age (which is hinted to be his late 20's!). As a part of the tribe's tradition, five ratskin braves must head out into the hive and travel outside the walls of Necromunda! The one who survives the test will return in triumph and replace Two Tails as the Story Singer.

To aid them in this endeavour, Two Tails tells of his journey into the dark in hopes of offering aid to the young braves. This was a brilliant tale, as it not only made the Ratskins a believable part of Necromunda but it also finally explained how and why the Rat is so important to them (at least I didn't know that part). The author Guy Haley made great use of the page space to make a wonderful and yet still very alien backdrop for our younger version Two Tail to travel through. One of my favourite sections has to be the desert dome, covered in thick hot dust, this dome is devoid of life and water, making for a serious challenge to a young brave. It makes me realize that it is not all gantries and tunnels in Necromunda and that you can actually have some real fun in the setting.

For $4 USD you will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive tale of Necromunda lore. I have included a link below if you wish to purchase.

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