Beer Review 122 // Passion of the Spice - Paradise Lost by Blood Brothers

Look at the colour! Paradise Lost - Passion of the Spice - A colourful, sweet & spicy sour, brewed with passionfruit, dragonfruit and Carolina Reapers. This was brewed by Blood Brothers in Toronto as a part of their Paradise Lost series. This is a series I love trying out whenever I get the chance.

Straight up the bottle looks great, a nice 80's, tropical theme with gold highlights. Fits the theme of their beers perfectly. The pour is bright, bright red, capped with a light pink foam. It looks stunning and tasty. On the opening sip, it is tart, face screwingly tart. Plenty of fruity notes are proved by the passionfruit and the jackfruit. But hot damn! The Carolina Reapers. Those Reapers are hot, the spice kicked in on the back of the throat and then moved to the tongue and then hit the lips. I'm not great with heat and spice and so this kicked me hard. Not in a bad way, just in a way that I should have shared the bottle.

Overall a great if slightly over a spicy brew, I would recommend this to others for sure. Have you tried this beer? Let me know in the comments, then hit the follow button to the side.

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